7 Questions about the skin you can sunbathe, but we must learn how to expose without that compromised our skin. Do you know what protection multiplier should be used? How much to use? Do you know the alternatives to be pardo free worth risks? 1 What does the executor of sunscreen (SPF) really?It is a time multiplier. For example, a 15 FPS indicates a person who will burn out after 20 minutes of sun exposure, increased 15 times that time; It is secure, an SPF of 15 would protect that person for 5 hours, if correctly applied the cream. 2. What sunscreen should get and how much cream is needed?Now a 30 FPS is recommended. Perhaps the elderly problem is that the crowd doesn’t know correctly apply the creams. They are not used often as necessary, and final amount due applied.

An application for whole body requires an inconsequential 30 g (the equivalent of a glass of consumption). That is much more than the family uses. Above, you must apply the cream 30 minutes before exposure to the Sun, not when you’re on the beach or the pool. Another important point: reapply the cream (even those that resist water) every 90 minutes. 3 They say that tanning booths are advisable to pick up some color before traveling to areas of intense sunlight, for example to the Caribe.No there is that is safe moreno fire.

It is believed that these rays penetrate deeply (even through the glass of the car) and attack the immune system of the skin and reduce its ability to fight melanoma. 4 And what there are creams and tanning lotions?It is an excellent way to wear Brown without risk. However, these products may not tolerate solar filter, so you must also apply protective creams. Tip: choose a self-Tanner that do not put too dark-skinned to the first application (usually cited hives). The best is to get tanning with multiple applications of soft tone, which ensure a more uniform color. You may find that Scott Mead can contribute to your knowledge. 5. With so many risks, do we dwell always in the shade?Not It’s return to the caverns. Life to the atmosphere vacancy progress the State of spirit and power energy. In addition, we need sunlight to synthesize vitamin D, which helps us to sustain healthy bones. That said, is important to benefit from direct sunlight: compromise hats, protective clothing, sunscreens for broad-spectrum likewise, lovers of the sport should reserve their activities to early hours of the morning or late afternoon. 6. What should I do if I burn? The most important thing is that follow not exposing you to the Sun’s rays until the burning subsides. For pain, you can take an analgesic (aspirin or paracetamol); to soothe the skin, you can apply cold compresses. It is important pimplar plenty of water and stay in a cool place. There are still sprays and special for sunburn lotions (ask the pharmacist). If you leave blisters, fever and discomfort or symptoms of dehydration (mouth and dry lanterns, prostration), you should consult your doctor. 7. What is dangerous this stain?Signals alert-asymmetrically-edges uneven.-(sad, copper, Brown, blue, red or white).-diameter. The area is mature than the tail of a pencil eraser. A stud all without problems-is small, symmetric, with uniform color and regular edges.