Specialist lawyers advise investors of the open Immofonds after the statutory maximum period of suspension for the SEB Immoinvest (WKN: 980230) expires on May 5, 2012, it should itself be thing of fund management to decide whether the Fund will be continued or handled numerous other open-ended real estate funds before him. The management of SEB asset management going new, one might also say strange way. Possibility of return should be just for one day of the redemption of units for one day, may 7, 2012 possible. Is this the liquidity not offset, the Fund is to be continued, if the return requests exceed the available liquidity, threatens the dissolution of the Fund. Will thus give an opportunity to the continuation of the Fund in the hands of investors. Return possibility in the future only with 1 “notice” the far more important information – assumed a continuation – but enough that one with the “Reopening” change the Terms and conditions goes hand in hand. Should the Fund running distance, to the investors in the future until further notice only a year, instead of how far an shares can have their.

The case that liquidity is not used up, you provide a right of return with a period of one year the new terms and conditions. That means for the investors, that if he does not use the return option on the 7 may 2012 and the Fund will continue, he only receives the money at a Ruckgabewunsch on May 8, 2012 to May 8, 2013. This approach should indeed be done in coordination with the financial supervisory authority (BFin) and serve to implement the requirements of the investor protection and function improvement Act (AnsFuG). In fact, however, it means that in the continuation of the Fund an investor who waits for the repayment of his money for two years, must wait again at least a year, if he missed the deadline on 7 may 2012. .