From the evolution of the mannering processes, in the measure where the behavior goes if modifying we will be able to explain it for imitation and mannering modelao. In a filogentica base we could define the behavior to imitate if a citizen if to hold of equal form to the other citizen that is if holding, without none ambient relation. On the other hand the operative imitation if differentiates of the evolution process, therefore, when organisms or citizens if hold because of the reinforcing contingencies an equal behavior in another organism or citizen tends to appear or occurs to the probability of being strengthened by the same contingencies. In this meantime, the imitation and the modelao exert paper of excellency in the performance and the ticket of these papers, that are the reinforcing contingencies, being that some citizens are under control from the same contingencies, where through the imitation the behavior were quicker past for modelao. Therefore, a culture can be nominated as contingencies of social reinforcing when group, where to the ratio that goes evolving new practical cultural go if displaying, independent is kept by of as they appear, thus, contributing for the survival of a group and, therefore, are passed of generation the generation if perpetuating. In the measure where, such practical happens some behaviors goes having a greater or minor sensitivity of answers to the environment, where if it relates that some practical mannering go to have greater frequency in some organisms or citizens of what in others, being able to be considered the edge of the social behavior. When such marginality of the social behavior happens will be able then to make jus the words of Guilhardi (2008) where stops the Radical Behaviourism, it portraies that the consumption is of the rules ' ' rare a TOC can be considered. It is probably a repertoire installed in the modern world that receives and keeps such mannering classroom, and is associated the important deficit of social repertoire and more significant enrollment with the routine (, by the way arduous) of vida.' '. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Phil Vasan.