Each person needs in their home. And an irresistible attraction to the earth once puts before us the question: How do I become a master of his house? Perhaps the best answer: "The house is better to buy ready-made" then the number of questions arise, including one of the most important: What is the price? The price of finished houses laid "interest" not only builders, but also the seller, but because the price is highest. Yes, and how to find a ready home meets all your needs? A quality home remain a mystery, until you start living in it, since you did not control the construction progress. Therefore, many make a simple conclusion: your house need to build your own! You can choose not only the land for future home but its location on the site, number of storeys, the external and internal design and layout. The next stage – a fundamental choice: From what to build? There are a variety of materials and technology to build their own houses.

And in Each option has its pluses and minuses. Brick house (whole brick) – very expensive. To the house was really warm and fit now existing snip wall thickness must be not less than four brick, and for Udmurtia six bricks. Thick and heavy wall forces to build a massive foundation. A window because of the thickness of the wall will remind castle battlements. A mason's art you can check after construction of the wall. Yes, and control so slow construction difficult.