Jose Ramon Lloria has explained who has approached to see the bolardos of fence after have known through Internet of his appearance, an idea that seems to him " he cheers and divertida". " They would have to make all the more colorful and thus gladder Carmen, " , it has indicated. Also Enriqueta Rico, who works in the zone although he resides in Torrent, has indicated that it deals with an initiative " very bonita" and " very chula" and, like Lloria, has urged to that more bolardos are decorated. " If they can put a few more, mejor" , it has said. In his opinion, he is much more " bonito" to see the bolardos decorated with colors that see tins of beer by the ground of this district, one of the most frequented of the Valencian nocturnal life.

A Valencian group of weavers and ganchilleras has vindicated in his blog as the person in charge of the covers of ganchillo that from the past Sunday a ten of bolardos of the historical center of Valencia adorns. In its page of Internet, the group Urban Knitting the past assumes proud its action, carried out Sunday at noon and for which they had summoned to his followers, having contributed the measures of the bolardos and announcing his intention of " vestir" those urban elements that avoid the invasion of sidewalks by the cars. Urban Knitting is defined as " a form of claiming and pacific expression " whose objective is " to cover or to cover part of the world that surrounds to us with woven wool, a movement artistic of graffitti inofensivo". Source of the news: They decorate bolardos in Valencia with covers of ganchillo