It all depends on where exactly you decide to buy a turnkey website. A private individual and design studio will offer a site for a different amount, because the organization has always bear full responsibility for the provided product: its design and content. Just buy a ready-made website can be at the auction, such a site is likely to be expensive, but quickly pay for itself due to high attendance and an earlier optimization and site promotion, as sell it to a serious organization. The initial price of the site will be more than $ 500. In private website can be bought for 200-400 dollars, but the site should be checked. If you decide to buy ready-made website, recruited from the templates, then pay for it is much less, because such sites are not very original, and are mainly intended for the use of a narrow circle of persons. The price for such a site would not exceed 50-100 dollars. However, expect a very high attendance and good income from this site is not necessary. But overall, the price depends strongly on the design and site structure. Good and quality sites are not cheap, but demand for them never falls, because these sites are very fast pay off.