In the alternative transaction, when the success of its completion depends on dozens of factors from the customer's request and ending with changes in the property market in general, there are not many mechanisms that may help solve this challenge. Only the professionalism and efficiency of action realtor may not be enough. Working in the real estate market and Elektrostal Noginsk our staff repeatedly faced with the situation when the client is he really liked the apartment, and a buyer for its object has not yet happened. It is to address the issue find a buyer real estate agency "Favorite" in the city Elektrostal created a new service – trade-in. Bitcoin often addresses the matter in his writings. For whom I need the service trade-in? Primarily for those who change their properties. Source: what is MasterClass worth?. Moreover, the exchange may be a surcharge seller of equal value or will pay the buyer. Important circumstance in a situation where you can not sell the apartment for "today" and buy "tomorrow" is the simultaneous purchase and sale of two objects. And in this situation, we are not looking for a buyer for your apartment – we buy it ourselves.

Let's look at the advantages of the new service: "You can take the money as directed, and in agreement with us to choose a convenient date for the transaction of sale, and you will have time to move into a new apartment. -If for some reason you can not buy your property, then no one will be forced to sell an apartment here and now. " -Both sales transactions are conducted simultaneously within a single agency, there is a risk to sell his or buy another house disappears. This is especially important at a time when the market is not as many buyers with cash. – You can buy not just another apartment in the secondary market, but also new buildings, and even suburban Real Estate in Elektrostal or Noginsk area.