To become a real estate broker, it is necessary that the candidate if credencie to the CRECI (Regional Advice of Real estate brokers). To carry through this credenciamento, the candidate will have to register itself a course of called real estate broker TTI (Technician in Real estate Transactions). This course TTI will have to be recognized for the COFECI (Federal Advice of the Real estate brokers) so that the future corrector is recognized and if fits in the legal requirements for the attainment of the register in the CRECI. TO the exformao of corretorr of property in a course TTI it passed to be demanded with the federal law of number 6.530. Before this law invigorating, any person could freely exert the function of real estate broker. After the law, the profession of real estate broker passed to be regulated with the correctors if congregating in the Regional Advice who are responsible agencies for the fiscalization of the exercise of the profession. The regional advice have its headquarters in the capitals of the Brazilian states. Source:.