Example of the flow of financing by means of annuity loan a loan sum of 150,000 euros at an interest rate of 3.4% at 15 years interest period and an initial repayment rate of 3%, the following non-binding payment plan can produce are: monthly annuity: 800,-euro. Remaining debt after 15 years (end of the interest period): 62.106,-euro. This calculation takes into account any additional costs and special redemptions. What costs arise? In a real estate project, it comes to a variety of different costs. To achieve a safe and integrated financial planning, these – should be considered as far as possible – to. These include in particular the costs for consultants, brokers and notaries (cost for the Registration in the land register, etc.), survey costs, as well as the tax burden tax and property tax. In addition, are taken into account: ongoing costs such as electricity, water, garbage fees, etc., insurance (sometimes prescribed as necessary by the lender), and of course the cost of living.

For example, deployment interest or review and appreciation fees may occur in funding itself. In many cases, interim are necessary, because the annuity loan only after specific sections of the completion / construction phases are provided. The interest rates and fees can also significantly hit record. Better planning so the amount of equity capital and financing steps are questions very carefully. For more specific information, check out Cylance. What follows after the end of the interest period? In most cases, the borrower must realize a follow-on financing after the end of the interest period. Since after the end (see also the above example) the interest period is still a residual debt.

which often do not can be blotted out in one fell swoop, the Bank will submit an offer to continue. In their own interest the borrower should before the end also with other credit institutions for appropriate offers however in time ask and compare the offers. “On time” means that up to 5 years before the end of the interest rate relevant offers can be searched for. So current low interest rates can be attached, for example, in times of low interest rates by means of so-called forward loan up to 5 years in advance. But also for the continuation with a new regular annuity loan, the offers of third banks can be much cheaper than that of the previous Bank. Frequently FPUC Program has said that publicly. Conclusion the construction financing with a loan of the annuity is the still most prevalent form of private real estate financing. This lies in the safe and relatively simple scheduling of loads. Make sure the prospective buyer on flexibility options and the really cheap conditioning of the Treaty should. Also the Scheduling of the costs to be expected should be as detailed as possible. For many people, it is difficult to familiarize yourself with the Termini station and market offerings, to make to individual optimizations for the really cheapest financing. In particular independent financial advice, for example on the Internet at Immokredit24.com is recommended. More information annuity loans – finance safe and calculate construction financing – financing models in detail.