Religious dimension of man Is with deliberate intention that the present work if initiates for one of the dimensions most important of the Man: the religious dimension. Of fact, it seems that the scientific objectividade and the severity, could be minimized or exactly rejected. He is not reasonable to think itself about these terms and, well for the opposite, the man feels that, only when all imperfection, still thus, and mainly for the believer, is that it searchs a light, an understanding, a support that can help to decide it to it the situation for which science more did not find the desired solution for who suffers. He is known that, immediately to follow to the appearance of the Man, one of the first institutions that allowed it to distinguish themselves from the remaining beings of the nature, was the Religion, eventually: in a first phase, with clear and little very indefinite contours; later, direccionada for supreme and absolute beings; for, finally, in the two last millenia, if to efectivar its anchorage, in one of the great religions world-wide. One knows that, parallel and from the last room of the passed century, they had proliferated for the whole world, alleged religions and/or seitas that, in one or another one in case that, have come to conquer some affection in the domain of the popular adhesion the new experiences, with different rituals and less visible spaces, in some cases. In the picture of the religious dimension of the Man, certainly that the society current occidental person if distributes for some ideologies, much even so exists a great dominncia of certain religions, concretely the catholic. Any that is the religion that each Man defends and it he believes, this contributes for, at least, to be able to accept the compatibility, for example, not only between great millenarian religions e, in one another perspective, between religion and democracy.