In an election (indirect), Tancredo Snows wins Pablo Maluf and is elect first civilian President of the Republic since Jnio Pictures, elect in 1961. A serious disease takes the death the president-elect. In what it refers to the medias of mass, radio and cinema had been used for the New State of Vargas in the construction of the imaginary one of the great father of the nation. Radio, cinema and television are resources that the State sees with care. Since years 1970, the television if becomes the main informative vehicle. Supported for the military the Net Globe of television propagandeara the facts of always ascending Brazil, however the social costs of the growth were always masked when not, occulted.

It has 41 years Brazil if it became tri champion world-wide of soccer. The first Pantry of the World transmitted in colors, was hugged by the military regimen as a conquest of the people, of a country under the sign of the development. With refined maestria the government of General Mdici with partnership of Marine Robert had used what the Romans and the Tropiclia had called circus panis et, bread and circus. This Net Globe adhered in the last hour to the heat of the Direct ones Already. However the responsible one for giving support in 1989, the Fernando Collor de Mello will be this sender, candidate the Presidency. It will earn. Teatralizando, potencializando, exacerbando gestures and you speak, Fernando Collor with total technological endorsement will be the chosen one of the people for new head of the nation.

Successive scandals knock down the president-personage. Spectacle and politics are recurrent in Brazilian history. July of 1950, clipping of the fourth Pantry of the World headquartered in Brazil, was also electoral year. Who is in this presidential dispute is nobody little than Getlio Vargas. Brazil does not gain the Pantry but, the call father of the poor persons gains the election. For even more opinions, read materials from E Scott Mead. In the meeting of sport and politics, to each two years the Brazilian goes to the ballot boxes; to each two years he has a portentoso esportivo event, are intercalated Pantry and Olimpadas. The next Pantry to the World of Soccer will be in Brazil, in the accurate year of the next presidential election. From what the recent history of the country presents and drunk a toast for the reading of Nestor Garci’a Canclini will be possible to ask to which the intensity of the teatralizao to be shown daqui four years? Tancredo Snows, the preferred one in the masses in 1984 dies in Brasilia in 21 of April, exactly day of foundation of the Federal Capital that in 2010 completed sixty years, in the same 21 of April that the death of Tiradentes marks, a Brazilian who fought for the independence of Minas Gerais. In the speculation for the future it has that to remember that he is of Minas Gerais elect Senator Acio Snows, grandson of Tancredo Snows, that this year were shown as a part with considerable weight politician inside of the club the one that belongs. At last, the time will only bring the answers for fidgets so stuffed of communication, culture, history and power.