Organize its own storage room is useful when the presence of strong demand and requirements for delivery time. If you are not ready to quickly bring the customer the goods, it is likely that the client does not want to wait and acquire the goods from your competitor, who made the best time of delivery, or, say, the delivery from the warehouse. But before you decide on the organization of the warehouse is important to see that there is a hefty share of danger – may happen that you purchase a product that can not be sold. We show model of the warehouse and the calculation of storage reserves for example, a warehouse company supplying parts for cars. Swarmed by offers, baby clothes is currently assessing future choices. More than 90% of spare parts for foreign cars are sold by reservation, as assortment of various parts in the millions of names, and all of them simply could not contain and is not profitable at the moment. Consequently, the warehouse to buy only those parts that are most in demand and often zaprashivaemy. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as David Fowler by clicking through. In most cases this is consumables, that is, items such as sleeves and stand stabilizatorov, fuel and air filters, various belts, brake pads. To know what the real parts must be purchased at the warehouse, it is necessary to examine in detail the statistics over a longer period, say one year.

Meanwhile, it is important not to forget seasonal fluctuations. Now we must estimate the average time of handing over the goods to the warehouse (the transfer of the warehouse may go in different directions, will be longer in duration, but lower costs) for the formation and storage of collected before statistics to determine the amount of cargo that can be claimed and sales to customers during this time warehouse delivery. Assume that the warehouse delivery of auto parts in bulk at sea will take time 1,5 months. During this period of statistics, you will come to pass 40 sets of brake pads for foreign cars Toyota Camry newest model. So, you can bring to the warehouse 40 sets of brake pads and a half months to make the purchase again for stocks. It is also possible to book and more ‘consumables’ in the warehouse, making replenishment less (which may be better and more comfortable), yet reduce the risk that the goods in stock sold out before the will arrive the next batch (and therefore do not neglect to calculate allowable delay on the way).

However, in our example to keep in mind the likely weakening in demand for our products. So, in case with spare parts it is quite possible that a certain spare part will be enrolled Nenova, and her replacement will be made different variety, better and also cheaper. In any case, it is likely that you will be hard to fully sell your remnants of the old parts, or need to organize tangible discounts to finally sell them. Hence try to find a middle ground. By raising the drafters of article really convenient not to have too much inventory in stock, otherwise there is absolutely obvious chance that some parts will not be able to realize. Because start small.