Often adults will begin its work and Get a family, nostalgia happy school and college years. It would seem that all the joy of life – the dreams, adventures, friends – everything was there. And for many of the awareness of this is the first step to a grave crisis. How to make your life interesting, rich? There are lots of ways. For more information see this site: Sheryl Sandberg. Lucky few find themselves in the work he loves.

Others involved in sports. Third with gusto their art One of the finest inventions of humanity – it's the chorus. In recent years, choral movement in Russia raises its head: born new bands, festivals and competitions choirs, all More and more young people and adults who come to the choir. Why do it? First of all, the chorus gives a person a feeling of happiness. We can say that choral singing has a distinct psychotherapeutic effect. Man singing able to relax, less affected by stress, depression. The influence of music and singing on the person, when properly selected repertoire is expressed in the creation of certain emotional experiences that have beneficial effect on the human psyche.

Now, about singing in general (and chorus, in particular) as a means of prevention, and sometimes even cure many diseases, including neuropsychiatric disorders, they say, not only choirmaster, but physicians, psychologists, scientists and researchers. Now imagine the chorus, taking the net chord for two, three, four eight votes! Or singing in unison. This is such a delight, which, having experienced it at least once, with eagerly waiting for again and again.