Create a unique address, a unique story of your product, given for what audience you are working and you move one step closer to success. Other leaders such as Bridgewater Associates offer similar insights. In addition, advertising message to show the situation of consumption of your product. Here, the consistency between the situation and motivation of consumers – the main factor of success (the average of the wings). If you know that the most need up to date with your customers is the need to be part of a group, in recognition, show (or tell) how to use your product they will be able to satisfy it. MasterClass is a great source of information. If your audience does not satisfied the need for creativity and self expression, let them know that your product is designed specifically to help become an extraordinary personality, etc. This stage of development communication requires special attention it is very important not to overdo it, do not deceive the consumer. Needless to say the consumer seeking to become a successful, best-in-fact, that if he eats your product, it will increase the volume of the brain, or he will get five to exam.

Need more subtle and true solutions. Here begins the part of the work, often described as a beautiful word – creative. It is important that creators create a situation of consumption, given the picture and the motives of the target audience. Effective advertising message must translate the emotion of that experience in the application of the consumer of your product. The emotional impact of advertising – one of the most important factor in the success of communication. In Essentially, phase of the emotion is closely linked to the consumption stage in the development of the situation – they complement each other. Using the message of humor, anecdotal situations can be equated with the emotional impact of product only in cases where the humor does not cover information about the product.

Many manufacturers advertise the ability to exploit the Russians laugh at themselves, over the difficulties, but sometimes the user remembers only anecdote, as shown in the advertisement, but can not remember the product that they advertised. Today in advertisements are most often used these techniques to the consumer of emotional perception. 'Scary' stories, telling of how can be bad and how good will after the purchase (eg, advertising, life insurance). Rescuers – stories about how you help out the proposed product. For example, advertising shampoos. First, show the bad, brittle hair and after using the shampoo – hair is perfect. Masterminds – a story about a product that will inspire you to things. For example, advertising candy 'Rondo'. Choose your approach to the consumer. Try to find a solution which would be shows your product through your feelings of the consumer. Go back to the right wing of the butterfly and compare the behavioral characteristics of the consumer to your situation – whether they are the same? So to succeed, you need to pass all the above steps: create an advertising communication, to analyze the two planes of information: about the consumer and the product, do not forget that the information blocks located on one level, should be consistent with each other.