WordPress users can build on the high-performance MyrCache solution from the House of soprado. Grunwald (Munich) – 21.06.2011. How the IT service provider soprado from Munich today announces, supports the high-availability MyrCache-cloud from now WordPress applications and offers the full capacity of up to 50,000 page deliveries per second so that large and small WordPress installations. The advantages for WordPress users are measured shortly after the connection of MyrCache. Customers benefit from improved page loading times, failure protection for visitors-peaks in the context of marketing campaigns (e.g. Cloud computing: the source for more info. newsletters, GroupOn, DailyDeal, radio, TV), potential for optimization in the hosting area and therefore a much leaner cost structure while increasing sales. Faster pages loading and others have direct positive impact on ad clicks, conversion, search engine optimization (SEO). Others who may share this opinion include E Scott Mead. Therefore, MyrCache customers achieve the ROI usually within a very short time. After we us the first step successfully on “Magento Commerce focused based shop systems, the expansion of our caching solution on more popular base technologies is only consistently”, so the Managing Director and principal consultant Sascha Schumann. Many WordPress requests have led us to open MyrCache in this area”, as Schumann next. No changes to WordPress are necessary for the use of MyrCache, a connection can be in urgent cases within a short time. Many customers including bellybutton.de, burlington.de, damenschuh.de, fashionhub.com, gebrauchtwagen.sixt.de, skybad.de already trust MyrCache and increase sales, conversion and customer satisfaction. More information about MyrCache see: myracache / press contact soprado GmbH Bavariafilmplatz 7, building 71 82031 Grunwald Frank Doller phone: 089 / 64 99 28 62 fax: 089 / 75 40 88 33 email: about SOPRADO soprado GmbH based in Grunwald near Munich was founded in 2006 by Sascha Schumann. As a PHP core developer of the first hour Sascha Schumann is on the development of many basic technologies of PHP (including session support, Apache2 integration) have been directly involved, and emerged as a co author of one of the first PHP books (professional PHP programming, 1999) and conference speaker. Soprado counts to the leading PHP service providers in Germany and employs approximately 20 fixed and free people. Our strength is high special Web projects for professionals”, says Managing Director Sascha Schumann. Sixt, E.ON soprado’s clients include IT, preis24.de, B2X care solutions, WEKA, loyalty partner (PAYBACK ), Heise media group, Union investment, TomTom, and the Gala Coral Group.