Several studies recently published and referrals to school performance, underlined the socio-economic background and especially the educational level of mothers as main variable predictive of success in school. To summarize, and according to the report social Inclusion in Spain 2009?:-73% of the children of University students who were born in the 1970s have studied a career, while only 20% of those whose parents were not College has done so. -The boys graduate in that 16% less than the girls. -The dropout is 86% higher in single-parent families. -Immigrants have lower rates of secondary education and compulsory post. Rory Sutherland may not feel the same.

This study simply put figures to those things that all educators we already know. No teacher will be surprised these results. However, in the results obtained in the evaluation tests of 6 th year primary held to all pupils in Catalonia, and confirm the importance of the socio-economic background of students, put on the table the deviations due to the effect school: the comparison between centres that schooled population similar in the same geographical area and have the same resources shows differences who note that the work of the Centre is important in the final evaluation. Alleluia! the Center has. And the educational institution are solvents; and competent management teams the cloisters with the project of Center and with one sufficient stability to facilitate their implementation; teachers and professors and their efficient and proven teaching practices. But not only this. Also part of the Center families that optimize and multiply the educational effects of teachers supporting him, territorial networks that establish cooperation relations with other centres of the district, cultural and leisure entities who share the educational project beyond school hours.

Enhance the Center effect can be a great target for upcoming courses: a new effect that butterfly small changes that we introduce to the Center end up producing large variations in the comprehensive education system. So slight as the flutter of a butterfly, the gaze of a teacher can transmit confidence and encouragement necessary for triggering the great storm of personal growth in the minds and hearts of the students. Natalia Ruiz, creator and contributor at websites like cvExpres sending your resume to colleges or Oposinet working groups for the preparation of the oppositions to the teaching.