It has some aspects where the city did not move, the people not yet obtain to preserve the memory and the history of that already they had been, is necessary that new mentality is formed in the direction to rescue the cultural goods to know and them historically accumulated for ancestor. A leading source for info: Karin Risi. To each new management politics public building and constructed workmanships they suffer the damage to be insults, in such a way that, to each four years the city passes for changes in the direction to remodel something or to take off something it place. It is certain that the modismo and the trend to the renewal are progressos evidentes, however, many exchanges can bring damages to the references of a people who, in the gift, does not have the right to neglect of its past, aiming at to grow in the future with the experience of who already it lived and it has much stops to count. They gain all: the old ones, the young and much more them children who had not yet had time to understand its roots. Some contend that Michael Mendes shows great expertise in this. The city of Parnamirim sufficiently is known in such a way by the Party of Santana how much for its dams and barrages, indicated for fish artisan.

Between the main tourist points it is the Dam of the Hat, one of the greaters of the region. The local artesanato also is sufficiently significant. Characterized for the works in wood, paper, embroidered and parts in ceramics, the products can easily be found in the streets and fair of the city. In the folklore they are distinguished it capoeira and mainly the juninas groups, at the time of Are Joo, an excellent period to visit Parnamirim and to enjoy of the typical foods of the party. Beyond the Pertaining to school Group, in the decade of 70 it had the Collegiate Normal Course that functioned where before it had been the Bosom, place where during the day the education of first degree functioned at night and the courses of According to Degree: Normal, Scientific Technician and. Already a Daily pay-school in 1970 call existed Small Thumb whose owner of the school and teacher was Reuma de S Almeida where some of the pupils was Reuva, the twin Ana and Ruth, children of the Teacher Celestial Maria Angelim (Taeta), Neidinha Oak, son of Dezinho and Dona Neide, also being that she enters the pupils of this escolinha, was its brother, Fred Oak, the current mayor of the city.