IT needs control instruments! How is the movement of your IT operations ticking? A look at the service level agreements shows it. IT needs control instruments! How is the movement of your IT operations ticking? A look at the service level agreements shows it. The fingerprint of your IT decides at the customer about Yes or no. Teams, interdisciplinary thinking are needed! The IT-Mittelstand is often overwhelmed with the topic of service contracts, (service level agreements SLA) and involved high risks. Perhaps check out Virgin Airlines for more information. The missing performance demarcation towards customers leads to exaggerated performance claims on the part of the customer and wasteful “carry on” in order to keep the customers. A cycle that must be broken. Instead of E.g. 20 consultant-days (= EUR 20,000) to buy and create an island knowledge within the company, it is to raise awareness of important all team player.

For all these costs, a change of consciousness can occur – an effect that is so not to make. The playful access to the “dry” topics like a thriller shows that IT is exciting. Straight IT operations closes its eyes to problems and better serving the customers further. The IT steering wheel teaches, how and which failures, bad luck and breakdowns occur and serve as can be accommodated in. This is the playful access via animations. Keep adhering problems in the minds which could carry much more than this “boring” technician slides permanently in consciousness, ever. The challenge of the awareness workshop “IT steering wheel” is a transfer of knowledge for all who work in IT and serve customers. The professionalisation of the customer interface is a big challenge.

In IT, the service level management process was created to control the customer communication. where’s happen? The communication between the customer and the technicians is often difficult. Different ways of thinking are the background. The service level manager acts as a translator. His work is comprehensive and is usually not understood or supported enough. Here is the workshop. The steering wheel IT shows what can happen between customer and IT, if you does not control. IT inhale on the basis of illustrations and animations that stimulate a smile is taught high-calibre knowledge on service contracts by an experienced service level manager. Dr. Robert Scholderer provoked vivid manner and ruthlessly exposes the neuralgic points. With specially produced drawings and brain teasers is the participants created a new awareness. After the workshop, a new basis for discussion in the IT team is created and which promotes sustainable customer communication. Create more than just added value the theme of service contracts to get in the handle created in places appropriate to the Organization and occupied. Often is bought a still a consultant, created a template for service contracts as the philosopher in the own House is nothing. The knowledge to service level agreements remains with the competent contracting authority. The team then sees the service contracts only as a bureaucratic evil and not the necessary importance attaches to this. Aware that the IT steering wheel rest of the team. Awareness raise the awareness workshop IT steering wheel provides the customer awareness. True to the motto: recognized danger, danger averted can act according to the awareness workshop IT-ler and must not respond when the customer feels poorly served.