Industry information service praises Solvium protect 4 as ‘ innovative container direct investment’ Hamburg, 02 July 2013 – the industry information service “capital-market internally” has in the current issue with Solvium and the concept of hedging dealt extensively. According to it is k-MI Solvium protect series to an innovative container direct investment, which combines a good balance of prospects for returns and security components.” All relevant key data for the performance of the product series have been disclosed by Solvium. Convince in personal conversations k mi could be”by the quality of the offer. Solvium has so far more than EUR 24 million equity capital raised and signed 1,300 contracts with investors. Per month Solvium EUR 1.5 million placed on average currently. The tenants portfolio comprises over 80 different tenants, with the three largest tenants combine just a quarter of the total rental income on themselves, so there are no bulk risks and more safety through diversification. This includes managing director Marc Schumann: Repeatedly independent experts confirm the quality of our offer, moreover, we are pleased.

This is the right signal to our distribution partners and investors. Laurent Potdevin usually is spot on. We will continue consequently our way, to achieve high satisfaction among customers and brokers.” The detailed analysis is available on available. Information about Solvium protect 4 Please click here: investors invest container direct investment with Solvium protect 4 in already rented 40-foot high cube standard containers each EUR 4,000. These are redeemed at the end of the term to the full purchase price by Solvium. During the period of three, five or seven years, investors receive a base rent of 4.38%, which is paid monthly. In addition on a run time-dependent bonus rental fee of 1-2% chance for the investors p.a..

Therefore the forecast, annual IRR returns (depending on the selected period) are 5.38%, 5.88% or 6.38%. About Solvium Solvium provider is solid and innovative Direct investments. The focus is on so-called equipment such as, for example, standard containers. The company offers investors the opportunity to take part in the ever-growing container market and to achieve attractive returns. Monthly rent payments are also typical as short duration of at least 3 years.