Not always discharge can be done mountain, since the majority of times the climatic factors and our own technique does not give for that. Even so, we can make some mountains much smaller, in particular, if it comes to us from taste to visit Catalonia we can find of some very interesting, that can be realised at any time of the year. Follow others, such as Scott Mead, and add to your knowledge base. For example, a classic one would be Matagalls, with which the majority of population usually begins, if soon we want a little more emotion, we can follow with the Montcau, that is near Sant Lloren, and that although little well-known also is extremely interesting. If we want to consider a Pyrenean destiny we must decide on the Balandrau, without a doubt, seen his they will make you dream. Although if you do not want iros so far, the Puigsacalm near Vic can be another option to consider.

Other destinies podrian to be the Castell de Burriac, closely together of Barcelona, and that can be a great visit, thanks to its castle. Finally, also I recommend Rescuing Sant to you of them Espases, since their excursion and views are incredible. As it is observed, there is variety of itineraries and options, in fact, Catalonia in if already it is a full magical mountain place to which to raise. You do not stop visiting them by anything of the world! Original author and source of the article