The seventh art increasingly relies more with the support of Marco Aldany. And is the leading chain of hairdressing and aesthetics of Spain (), in its commitment to Spanish talent, no hesitation to put next to the film premieres with celebrities that without any doubt, by her beauty and style, are the faithful representation of the philosophy of this string. Thus the things that franchise just choose two movies to sponsor its premiere. It’s Lope, the hispano-brasilena blockbuster set in the 16th century which narrates the adventures of the theatrical writer of the golden age – and whose premiere will take place September 3, 2010 – and that has the Spanish Leonor Watling and Pilar Lopez de Ayala as well as the Argentine Alberto Amman who gives life to the famous Lope de Vega-. Secondly: the new adventure of the Spanish director Bigas Luna Didi Hollywood, along with Elsa Pataky, who gives life to a young Spanish woman with ambition that moves to Hollywood to succeed in the world of the celluloid and that You can see from the month of October.

Furthermore noted that in this case the Artistic Director of the chain not only has dared to make the styling of the film, but for the first time has felt the butterflies of the interpretation. For me it has been an honor that would like Bigas Luna, count on me and giving me the opportunity to have my first film with a professional experience as it is Elsa Pataky, says Marco Aldany excited. It has been incredible. Both Lope and Didi Hollywood continue emphasising the interest of chain leader by the world of cinema and other arts. We carry several years supporting the best movie premieres, TV series or fashion shows since we believe that image looking different performers or celebrities end up getting fashionable and that anyone who comes to our more than 400 classrooms around the world can comb your hair and makeup just like them, added Carlos Ruiz, Director of Marketing of the signature. Our intention is to democratize the beauty and bring the outfits of the famous all over the world, ends the steering.