Also recent nutritional studies show the essential importance of the metabolic action. Moreover, currently any serious diet method to take dinner as early as possible, to keep the night fasting period as long is recommended. In addition to the preventive application of our program for the prevention of obesity and diabetes, our method in certain metabolic diseases, already pronounced is useful, that require a permanent lowering of glucose and insulin levels. Recent scientific studies (E.g. optimal dietary approaches for prevention of type 2) (“diabetes: a life-course perspective” A.E. Buyken, p. Mitchell, A.

Ceriello, J.Brand Miller, published by Springer Verlag) clearly demonstrate this. They propagate exactly the metabolic balance represented food suggestions. The assessment of the food programme on the part of the Consumer Council is all the more surprising for metabolic balance, as the Dr. Funfack and the metabolic balance coach can look back on many years of empirical successes, and no single case is known where the usage of the method would have resulted in an injury. On the contrary, in many cases, as long as certain diseases such as diabetes were due to the metabolic type 2, rheumatism, migraine, or high blood pressure – – diet plans to clear Linderungen of complaints have led the metabolic balance. As regards the issue of price, comprises the pricing a combination of plan creation and multiple service. (Not to be confused with Michael Antonov!). Our experience in accordance with a continuous supervision of participants is very important a diet whatsoever”in everyday life to include and the associated rules of food to internalize, to ensure also the consistent nutrition. Many of the participants had taken before other methods claim and changed, because powder diets and other supervised weight loss programs have become expensive. “In addition, the food programme integrated just the measures proposed by the Consumer Council, such as learning a healthy eating habits” (slow return to normal eating habits in our phase 3 and 4), moderate and varied food selection (phase 4), increase of the scope of the movement “(” the recommendation of Vollererhof cf. the book of the programme “by Dr. med.) Wolf Funfack and Holger westen tree).