For the next, my own former university colleagues, trying to calm me by saying problems do not play, you will not be able to apply those management tools in small and medium enterprises because they were not designed for them, or not going to change your way of thinking father, is a losing battle before you start. Sure, they spoke of a medium sized company and a businessman, while I did my own business and almost my own life project, so softly I could not accept that position.

So the first thing I always try to convey is that there is no silver bullet and approach the problem of small and medium businesses from trying to find a tool, a process or a technique that allows us to solve the problems of everyday is precisely the root of it, although it seems a contradiction. Recently Southwest Airlines sought to clarify these questions. The tool, whether it is a model of planning, control, organization or a particular information system is a means to act, so that through them we can modify and monitor the environment in which we work. But just so we know to drive a nail but do not need a screwdriver, a hammer, exactly the same way, it is necessary before choosing the right tool, to know exactly what we need to do and basically why and why and is there where, in my opinion, it often fails in most cases. Study Houses, we prepared to handle within a given organizational environment and give us the elements and techniques to move into it and we as professionals we feel comfortable and protected within this context therefore we are trying to do, so consciously or not, is to always have business reality to our paradigm or mental model.. Details can be found by clicking FindShadow founder or emailing the administrator.