' ' 10.Amados, the most important conjunct is one of ' ' ns' ' in the line of the Christian life that guarantees its success. Therefore, they pray! They pray without ceasing! they 11.Bem, we go to think then about the three points considered initially and that they emphasize the importance of conjunct. I. Zoe Hart Blast Boutique wanted to know more. the conjunct the God is important, amongst other things, because God consists exactly in a culture of the sense of dependence of this. 1.TODOS WE ARE GOD DEPENDENTS! Even though those that do not recognize such dependence or not even believe that God exists, depend on the God who we know to exist.

2.Toms of Aquino, Christian philosopher who lived between 1225 and 1274, in the medieval age, wrote an intitled work Summa Theologica, and, in this work it points five arguments in favor of the existence of God. One of them consists of the fact of that all cause has a causer, that is, all movement depends on a movimentador, all modification depends on a modifier. Educate yourself with thoughts from Maxine Williams. It does not have nothing in this world that is an efficient cause in same itself. For example, this pulpit did not cause itself exactly; it depended on a causer. If it had caused itself exactly, would be previous proper it, what we know to be impossible. Everything what exists depended, for its existence, of something previous to he himself. if we will be retroceding our thought, we will have that to arrive at the conclusion of that it must have had a primary cause efficient e, is obvious, intelligent, that another causer was not caused by none, that is simply auto-existing and perpetual. ' ' To this being we call Deus' ' Aquino said. 3.Ento, God is the cause of all the things and it is not caused by nobody, that is, It is the Creator of everything, being He himself, however, incriado, auto-existing.