Currently it is common to find substances that approach notice concerning the global heating, telling it speaks of scientists that they lead research, of the El Nio and the abnormality of the phenomenon. However, at any moment if it approaches the question of the main causers of the increase of the Effect Greenhouse, of the importance of the United States to sign the Protocol of half Kyoto or it humanity to brighten up the chaos that if approaches if the things to continue being presented of the form that they are. They are simple mechanized registers> that they do not reflect the magnitude of the subjects that they deal with the ambient guidelines. Most of the communication vehicles, today, is commercial companies, directed toward the profit, working its physical space in function of announcements and overwheling its content in function of the advertising, what it makes it difficult the development of the culture of the investigativo journalism in the ambient area. as the subjects is complex and demands some previous scientific knowledge, is complicated to inside work the subject of a notice. From this paradigm, the great quandary that if restores in the ambient journalism is as to produce depth substances if they can reach great anunciantes.1.3 the paper of the media in the awareness ambientalNo have more delicate problem for the environment, today, that of the communication. For the journalist Wheat Andres (2005), in its workmanship Sustainable World – Opening space in the media for a planet in transformation, the communication only can remove the questions at last, all the areas. In the same way, the necessary environment to be at the beginning and in the center of all the public politics and all the private enterprises, so that the impacts can be evaluated previously, be eliminated, minimized and have its costs attributed to generate who them, and not to all the society.