Seven years ago, Renaldo Janicke hop kuen do came to Berlin, to the Wun to teach Kung Fu. This is an American evolution old martial arts of Shaolin and the Hawaiian Kajukenbo system. He learned this type of Kung Fu with his teacher Sigung Michael Timmermann, who directs his Kung Fu Academy in Lubeck successfully for over 25 years and has trained many black belts are the world, European and German champions. Renaldo Janicke learned among several grandmasters such as in Shaolin monks from China. “He was several times abroad and US-Hawaii champion, World Cup Sieger, Austrian classics winners there and at the World Championships the World Kickboxing and Karate Association” which were attended by over 4,000 fighters – he won the bronze medal. In Pankow Kung Fu teacher offers training for adults, teenagers and children in the primary school age Renaldo Jackson for over seven years. The entry is possible for anyone at any time, because we teach individually and directly respond to each student.

“the teacher explains. The Kung Fu includes to go much more than only on tournaments. This is just one aspect of self defense. The Kung Fu practice, to bring body, mind and soul. We have many exercises to learn and to keep fit until old age, or to be.

With 40 years of not conclusion is still long. “Finally is the Wun hop kuen do Kung Fu a realistic self defense, in which all we do also work.” so the master continued. The training very much sets value on fairness and honesty to others. This is taught already expressly for children.” Currently, Renaldo Janicke teaches his students at four days a week in the Thulestr. 56. The Kung Fu is more popular and the number of students is growing, he plans within the next 6-12 to move school months in a larger Kung Fu, to have more space and time for the students. The training location of the Wun hop kuen do Kung Fu is Berlin in the Thulestr. 56. from the teaching Kung Fu teacher Renaldo Janicke.