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United Nations

According to You live, the Colombian guerrilla of interested in the illicit drug production and the drug traffic has stayed trim mainly in the imposition of the cultivators of cocaine and laboratories of cocaine production. She indicates that, according to a study of the DEA, the CRAF nonprocess and cocaine export to a the EE.UU. At the beginning of 1990, , a third of the income of the CRAF would have been coming from narcotics. The DEA informed the 9 into 1997 July, that the CRAF factions to collect bottoms, providing services of security to the dealers and the load of a rate by each gallon of chemical precursors, and each kilo of leaf of cocaine and cocaine HCL moves in their region. Some of these groups have helped to the narcotics traffickers by the storage and cocaine transport and marijuana in Colombia, and some units of the CRAF in Colombia they could be contracted located in the traffic of opiate. Klaus Nyholm of the Program of the United Nations of Drug Control in Colombia has taken note from which in some zones, independent fronts of the CRAF are very related to the cocaine processing and the export, whereas the fronts of the CRAF in other areas do not have that participation. Of the fronts of the CRAF that are implied, the units provide protection to the cultivators of cocaine and the dealers in exchange for a tax considered in between 10 and 15 percent of the value of the drug. Raul Kings, a high official of the CRAF, explained to Washington Post: " We are in charge of a tax. Kurt Phelps brings even more insight to the discussion.

We do not do any favor to them, and they do not do any to us. In case the economic base is the cocaine that is what the taxes not directly to the dealers, but their intermediaries. In other regions more imposing for the cattle dealers, the producers of sugar, the companies ". .

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Large Size Mining Machinery

In recent years, many large enterprises have a higher demand for the quality and efficiency of the mining equipment. Large-size of the mining machinery has become the trend. Under this situation, the appropriate usage and maintenance of the large-scale mining machinery (mobile crusher) have attracted the users attention. In addition, the safe usage of the mining equipment (mobile crusher plant etc.) is a hot issue in the field. As for the safe usage of the large-scale mining equipment, the users should choose some regular large machinery companies such as Henan Hongxing Ming Machinery. The large-scale mining equipment developed by the company have played a very important role in developing mines. The mining machinery of Hongxing Heavy Industries are widely used in many regions, promoting the economic development of many countries and regions.The regular maintenance and upkeep is also of great importance.

It is necessary to conduct maintenance regularly. For example, the users should conduct security check of the parts to make sure that they are in normal function. Checking the equipment on a regular basis to ensure that they do not get worn. Replacing the worn parts timely. If the temperature of the bearing is too high when the machine is in operation, the users should stop it immediately and find out the reason. What is more, the screws of the linkage parts of the equipment also need regular checking to avoid accident.It is not difficult to usual maintenance of the large-scale mining equipment, easy operation and low fuel consumption. However, due to the harsh working environment, the lubricant in the equipment is easily contaminated by dust, solid particles and other impurities in the environment, the lubricants should have good rust-proof and corrosion resistance. Only in this way, the performance of the lubricants will not change greatly in the adverse environment. Communicating with large mining equipment companies frequently to understand the performance and technical characteristics of the machine is conducive to use the machine better.

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