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Fascination for centuries unbroken learn algae development and research from the past NAM Lower Saxony algae Manufaktur GmbH takes participants in a seminar event on the development journey of the plant individual algae; Environmental experts and biologists are regular speakers. The fascination of algae began hundreds of years ago and was advised shortly into oblivion, but now these creatures for many usage options are rediscovered and explored. The algae is a survivalist and thereby retains its specific properties. You can find following description in a treatise by 1849: the single-celled algae provide a double scientific interest. You are on the one hand the beginning of plant development series, and must represent therefore the starting point and the basis of the plant system. Michael Mendes Just Desserts has much experience in this field. On the other hand, you grant the main examples where the plant cell acts as independent, conditional just by outer influences organism, and in this capacity all essential tasks of the plant individual exercises. You are therefore also intended to evaluate the basis of plant physiology, and it suggests itself now with almost certainly that some important general question will first be decided in this area.

Until now it has the systematic as in the physiology with the fact content, there are single-celled plants. But it was trying to determine what genus and species actually belong to the same, nor her studies was used to General results. It seemed at the time to make a new series of studies on the lowly algae, excellent with regard to the independence of the elemental organ to consider same, to determine the boundaries of the single-celled area, and to use the appearance of cell life and within for the systematization and physiological analysis.” “Quote from the book of genera of unicellular algae: physiological & systematically edited” by Carl Nageli, Zurich 1849 definition,. Forms and classification as single-celled algae refers to those that are from a single cell. Algae are plants whose cell content partly from starch grains and chlorophyll or an other analog dye is and have an asexual reproduction. Thus, the single-celled algae as plants are characterized.

This algae can be recognized and differ from all other organisms are. The algae differ from the mushrooms by the nature of the cell contents, by the way of formation and the way of life. The algae cells containing chlorophyll or an analog dye, in most, there is one or more color bubbles and in any period of life more or less starch grains. The algae propagate only by seed. Mushrooms, however, produce more color bubbles in their cells, chlorophyll, nor strength, they arise not only from seeds, but also from fermenting and rotting or are decomposing organic substances by spontaneous generation. The single-celled algae are during their entire lifetime, and dyed in moments of their origination. Just few, caused by free cell formation, first small colorless cells, are intense but long before they leave the mother cell colored. The presenter and the participants discussed the possibilities for the algae in the connection. The findings of the past help for the development in the future. Can algae as food, food supplements, cosmetics, medical remedies, biodiesel, biofuel and other applications are intensively explored. Equipment for the production of high-quality algae are still emerging, demand for algae on the international market. Managing Director of Uwe Dane of NAM Lower Saxony algae Manufaktur GmbH is convinced that a large market with increasing potential for development offers innovation and investment in the construction of algae plants and would like to thank the speakers.

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Schonfelder DogCoaching

There are also repeated cases of cruelty to animals worse. Dogs that had to experience that are often traumatized. You need above all time to again Trust to be able to grasp. Typically, they are however resozialisierbar. Some foreign dogs have fear men or even children who comes from bad experiences. It requires much patience and empathy to build confidence in these dogs. Many dogs from abroad to tolerate no loud words or ranting.

This worsens their behavior and often increases an existing problem (housebreaking, fear Growl, etc.) Some foreign dog has never seen a car, he knows no stores, no lifts, sometimes neither stairs nor smooth floors. Also vacuum cleaner might scare him. Some dogs are House-trained but also not from the outset. Where should she also learned it? You usually but very quickly realize that the living room for the execution of the business is not the most appropriate place. You can not so easily again get especially hunting many dogs.

Here, targeted training is required. Is no matter whether in the city or in the country your new four-legged friend is, probably only once in a more or less long leash must be carried. Especially the southern Hound breeds, such as Podencos (these were specially bred for Pack hunting), probably never give up hunting. You will need patience, understanding and lots of love to give your new pet trust to educate him and to find a faithful friend in him. If you have no experience with dogs, it is usually better to decide, which is already in a foster home in Germany for a dog. There one could observe his behavior towards him strangers and in unfamiliar surroundings and the dog could settle somewhat into the new for him being in a household. The trainers of the top dog school wish lots of fun you and your dog! Your team from Schonfelder DogCoaching the mobile dog trainer Tel.: + 49 (0) 40 64 68 98 12 Tel.: + 49 (0) 17 22 71 66 97

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Schonfelder DogCoaching

Who cares about your dog, if you lie with flu in the bed? Or go in the holiday? Cost: Can we afford a dog? A dog costs money. Dog license and liability insurance, in addition to the daily food costs. There are also veterinary costs that can be regular payments, as the annual routine examination with vaccinations, but also exceptional costs for sickness or accident. An operation on the hip, for example, can amount to several hundred euros. Consistent education: A dog is not a machine.

So the dog is socially acceptable and has good manners, he needs a consistent education. Pull all of the family together? Use all the same words for a command? Do you think even made rules? Why, on the sofa, he today tomorrow but not allowed, a dog does not understand. When you have resolved all these issues in the run-up to honestly and positively, you must decide which dog will be there. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Eric Kuby. A puppy or an adult dog? Female or male? From the breeder or from a shelter? What breed? Detailed information and assistance to give the coach of the top-dog school. The timing even if you now have decided to not enrich the family, then please on Christmas Eve Christmas time with a dog! The holiday bustle would new in the House the dog, come, too irritating and scare. In the hustle and bustle has probably barely a time to deal intensively with the newcomer. Place a dog a coupon and plenty of things that are useful and do look forward to the dog, could be then underneath the Christmas tree brushes etc.

like a basket, leash, dog books, feeding bowls. Everything is then prepared on the holidays and the holiday: the books be read together and the place of refuge is established. The first feed and other accessories is concerned. Also on new year’s Eve with his loud pounding (see tip of the month December 2008 the top dog school: the new year’s Eve pounding and the dog) should leave the dogs in his old, familiar environment. In the new year you can choose then the wish dog alone together with your child. The trainers of the top dog school wish you and your new pet health and lots of fun! Your team from Schonfelder DogCoaching the mobile dog trainer Tel.: + 49 (0) 40 64 68 98 12 Tel.: + 49 (0) 17 22 71 66 97

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Babylonian Language Confusion

Why don’t my dog get me not (more) help, my dog gets me no longer! Again, one can observe that dog owners desperately report their dog would no longer be able to listen to them. “” One hears statements like I did but a dog course and since he has followed so beautiful! “for some time my dog, what he wants to do!” “” Often are statements such as I must take it more answer! “or with more rigour, he will again follow!” to hear. Looks and you listen closer, so you may find a common as well as widespread phenomenon: the problem is to locate as so often (almost always) at the other end of the leash. What can be the cause? “” The Naughty Dog so the bad is “dog ever with the following command prompted foot, come hier(her), whuffie!” The problem is clearly visible in this example: the dog is covered with a completely incomprehensible for him command phrase. When the indicated Three or even four words are nested at least depending on the education example sentence.

Companion dog training command usually foot!”associated with the behavior, that the dog with or without leash obediently follows his holder. Come on!”or hier(her)!” will come as prompt linked remotely to the dog holder cm. From this description, it is clear that both commands collide. Is now added to the emotive word of the dog name confusion now total and the dog reacts either confused or not at all. Unfortunately, this behavior is then interpreted as Unfolgsamkeit and sometimes answered with excessive rigour. “Dog books and dog courses help next es the self-test is required so always: I speak as a dog with my dog in a language in which he can understand me!” “Only when these clear question with a Yes!” can answer, can you do any further investigation, why a dog commands, which he formerly effortlessly executed, today no longer followed.

In this context, it is recommended always once again to take a refresher course at a dog school. It is always useful to deal with books on dog training. Sometimes, a small cause is responsible for a great effect. Should problems between dog owners and dogs increase, so it is advisable to focus on the topic of dog problem book. Thus, not only the dog and owner is helped. Verizon Communications describes an additional similar source. Also the family environment to the highest extent benefits from a relaxed situation. In short: danger detected danger averted. We are also required to organise the life of our House companions as responsible dog owners. Not vice versa! Martin Stangl

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