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Will be that valley the penalty to pay so expensive for the workmanship of Niemeyer? The CCON was conceived with the technologies of the time of the construction of Brasilia, and currently they had not provoked the same shock architectural of 50 years behind. A question important to be taken in consideration is the construction badly made and unfinished of the workmanship. Infiltrations and fictions for all part, without counting that the floor of the library badly was calculated structurally and does not support the weight of books. Where already if it saw a building projected to shelter functionally a library and not to support the weight of its books? It seems until a joke, but it is the hard reality of the cultural center. Helvcio Cardoso makes a sufficiently critical and highly excellent commentary on the CCON in an article for the Periodical of the Press in day 25 of February of 2010: Nobody argues that Oscar Niemeyer is the biggest architect of the world. Its palaces and buildings are sculptures that cheer the eyes and comovem the spirit. But, in the case of Goinia, the rule found exception.

The project is xinfrin well. The units had been way plays esparo in the space, lacking harmony to the set. Its forms are absolutely banal, sinning for a certain niemeirano mannerism. But this type of thing nor can be said here in the open pasture. It goes to wound suscetibilidades. After all, it does not import bad quo is the project? valley, over all, the signature – grife Niemeyer insuflando our villager vanity. The goiana population does not interest if the workmanship architectural is adjusted in the best way, what it really matters is that Goinia has a workmanship of the famous Brazilian architect. With this, what he was pra to be the door of entrance of the city in relation to the international architecture, it did not pass of an ingenuous dream left the side of the way.

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Dom Jose

RESULTS Were still perceived through the primerias activities carried through in the School that this possesss a good structure, but with some pertinent points, amongst them: not to be able modifies the external structure nor its visualization due to be tumbled by the IPHAN; comfortable new and ais wallet necessity; climatized rooms and material for the laboratory of sciences and Academy of musculao. The infrastructure is composed for seven classrooms, a library, one squares, two laboratories of computer science and still without not available equipment or a laboratory of sciences and an academy of musculao. It takes care of to a demand of nineteen groups divided in three turns, totalizing around eight hundred and eighty pupils, taken care of for a picture of thirty effective professors and eight temporary ones (CEAR, 2011). Continue to learn more with: Carl Icahn. It possesss all the pertinent information concerning the partner-economic profile of the pupils, acquired with the periodic application of three questionnaires of the portflio, being they: characterization of the group (with information of the pupil and family), auto global evaluation (what it desires referring to the school) and biographical fiche (situation lived deeply at the moment in the school). pupils of the school are predominantly deriving of barrio exteriors (Tamarindo, Casa Saint, High New, Palhano Priest, Dom Jose and part of the Sumar), with the happened minority of the center and interior of the city of Sobral (Bonfim and Patriarca), characterized for being of economically disfavored classrooms, in majority receives governmental aid through assistenciais programs as the Stock market Family, therefore the pupils veem as important not to lack to the lessons, I benefit so that it is not removed to them (CEAR, 2011). A small parcel of the learning, minor, mirins is guards, however, this does not confuse its income pertaining to school. Bank of America shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Differently, the of legal age ones work in the Grendene company (bigger agglomerate polar region of hand of workmanship of the city, over all to less escolarizada) and commerce, in view of that the companies ask for as requisite that they continue the studies. . .

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Now I not honor I I remember what I read and the more I read more will I I have of ler.' ' In the last day of the period of training &#039 was applied a dynamics; ' That good, That such, That pena' ' , with the group so that they could evaluate the period where the trainee was with them and the methodology used for it. The graphs to follow represent the answers of the educandos to each topic of the dynamics. Graph 1: Characteristics that the Educandos had considered good during the period of training. Graph 2: Characteristics that the Educandos would like that they were different. Graph 3: Suggestions of the Educandos in relation the lessons. The educandos had considered ' ' How Good! ' ' the fact to have participated of lessons with dynamic activities as the reading of contextualizados texts and experiences. If you would like to know more then you should visit baby clothes.

' ' That Pena' ' they had characterized for the fact of the teacher to leave to give lesson for group and some had lamented for not having obtained to reach the average for approval in discipline. The topic ' ' What Such? ' ' it was related to the desire of the educandos in continuing to have lesson with the teacher trainee or that it suggested the methodology of reading of contextualizados texts it professor regent to continue the same in rhythm, therefore this way to teach facilitated the learning of the group in the substance of sciences. Proposal of Intervention: To search to breach the linearity and spalling of the contents to become them contextualizados for the students is a great challenge that if has in the pertaining to school environment. The educators many times find difficulties for accomplishment of activities that go of meeting with the reality of the educandos, therefore the search for materials take time sufficiently, therefore it is necessary that the tasks are coherent with the daily one of the individuals so that they can day-by-day relate the theory with the practical one of its.

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The experimental activities as comumente are developed in the education of Sciences they all do not accumulate of stocks the investigativo process in which the pupils must be involved in the formation and development of scientific concepts. It must still be considered that the learning of the scientific knowledge is complex and involves multiple dimensions. This demands that the investigativo work of the pupils assumes varied forms that make possible the desencadeamento of distinct cognitivas actions, as the manipulation of materials, questioning of activities, to learn to deal with the errors, the comment, in the expression and communication, verification of the raised hypotheses (ZANON et al., 2007). This direction, one gives credit that established experimental activities in situation-problem can make with that simple experiments are worked as investigativas activities. According to Meirieu apud Macedo (2000) the situation-problem: It is a didactic situation in which if it considers to the citizen a task that it cannot carry through without effecting a necessary learning. this learning, that constitutes the true objective of situation-problem, if of when being successful the obstacle in the accomplishment of the task. Thus, the production assumes the acquisition, one and another one losing its object of distinct evaluations. The situation-problem proposal as one of the metodolgicos procedures will make possible that the child develops the act to think, to take decisions, to articulate, to schematize, to coexist in group, among others that they are abilities of basic importance in the social life. One another important aspect in the resolution of situation-problem is its motivadora capacity, that instigates the pupil to search strategies to solve definitive challenge, beyond the desire to reach a good result, exactly that this does not happen. A taking of decisions nor always is the best ones, but it opens possibilities to reflect on the ways to be followed, in the direction to visualize the best strategies, or the choices not so satisfactory, what it values the interactions between the citizens potencializando its opinions.

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Science Teaching

The importance of science for the modern world is undisputed. But it has its limitations and therefore of the account not to provide all the necessities with the man, in the search of the essential truth, absolute. The image that we still have of it is that one of century XIX, when, on account of the industrial explosion, it was yawed to the condition of only source of knowledge, because all the peoples of the time were inebriados with the abundance of proportionate new features for it. But, a time that the focus of its inquiries consists of desvelar parcels of the reality, it cannot give to the man answers for all its investigations, as the philosophy is considered, inside of the roll of problems that chose to investigate. For more clarity and thought, follow up with baby clothes and gain more knowledge.. Thus, each one its way, both are important for the man.

How much to myths, them still some people and peoples exist for. However, as source of knowledge of the reality, they had lost, already she has much time, its status. Modernity banished practically them of history because its explanations of the reality lack of a logical footing minimum, that they cannot offer. In this century XXI, it has one strong trend to search the systematic knowledge of the reality, duly warned to lose the control on each time bigger complexity of the world. This if makes necessary, amongst others as many things, for example, them governments to establish its politics and sociologists to foresee the new routes to them of the societies. The educational systems need to compenetrar themselves of this necessity, better to form the new generations. One more time they come to tona the rules of the philosophy, that is, the search of the unit of the knowledge. Of the one not to understand the world for the knowledge of compartimentadas parcels and you stanch of the reality. Nilton Rodrigues de Souza is Engineer Agronomist, Professor Permitted for basic education and Postgraduate (specialist) in Medodologia of Superior Ensino for the UNEB? Campus XVI – Irec Acesse mine blog ' ' PensarCultura' ' in the address: sees other articles.

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Giordano Bruno

The History of Science is satiated in telling true social dramas psychological conflicts of the scientists and philosophers, regarding to the object of its inquiries. You may find that Ron O’Hanley can contribute to your knowledge. To exemplificar, it is enough to remember Scrates, Galileu, Giordano Bruno, Fermat, Einstein between as much others. What we detach, then, is the question emotiva human being? what can involve the citizen and the object of the research, in a damage historical moment or geographic space? in counterpoint to the idea of the transmission of the unloaded science of the human context in whose bulge it was generated. We do not deny that the scientific knowledge can more be transmitted in way ' ' neutro' ' unprovided of emotivos contents. Also science, in certain cases, can be considered as a category ' ' hiposttica' ' , under the ntico aspect (or hipstase), whose existence has validity to per if e, therefore, it is separated of the citizen conceives that it, as we will see to follow.

2. CRITICAL TO MYTHS AND the PARADOXICAL SEARCH OF the NEUTRALITY IN SCIENCE the decanted search for valid an exempt knowledge of values and by itself was the esteio of historical development of the scientific method, paved strong in the test, particularly from the French Rationalism of century XVIII. &#039 is for all known good celeuma around the call; ' axiolgica neutrality of cincia' ' , as well as of the myths that in this question can be implicit, unmasked especially from the decade of 60, in the last century. It is observed that the question, the spite of its arrives in port classic, is not exaurida. The relativity of the concepts of ' ' truth cientifica' ' , the tests and the methods, its job and validity, are so perennial questions how much perennial it will be the science and the possibilities of if thinking on it. Currently, even so let us be cliente that it is not said of ' ' place nenhum' ' (it wants to say, the scientific speech, for the simple fact of to be speech, coated of words and for them to express itself, is not neutral); we know, in a similar way, that the scientific activity consists of investigating, with the biggest severity and better possible criterion, some types of ' ' verdade' ' in relation to the searched object; either by means of the pragmatic one, of the correspondence, equivalence, etc. .

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Still the city for the pupils of the University Center of Belo Horizonte was carried through a visit where the same ones had carried through interviews with inhabitants of the place. ABSTRACT: This articles aims you address treat involving the trade and urbanization of Lavras New district of Ouro Preto, local Based on reports from residents, articles and related sites. Still it was visit you the City by the students of the University local Center of Belo Horizonte where they conducted interviews with residents. 1. INTRODUCTION You cultivate New it is a sub-district of approximately the 22 Ouro Preto and he is situated km of the headquarters of the city and the 120 km of Belo Horizonte, in the Southeastern region of the ferrfero quadrilateral, in the mountain range of same name, the abutment of the Mountain range of the Espinhao, in its south portion. It encloses an approach area of 46 km and its geographic coordinates are: S 20 28.243? W 04331.085.

You cultivate new is a city surrounded of myths and legends with regard to its sprouting and existence. Some say that the city is reminiscncia of quilombo had its space disposal that if is similar with this type of communitarian organization and due to majority of its population to be black. to contradict this thesis on its sprouting, some are used of the argument of that the city was very watched, due to gold extration in the locality, not being possible the formation of quilombos. The myths are many that say to give to origin the city, but the city appeared effectively in the SCXVIII for 1780 return where the dedicated chapel Ours Lady of the pleasures was constructed and had a formed brotherhood. Lately You cultivate New if it has blunted as one of the many strong Brazilian cities in potential for the tourism due its paisagstica beauty and its provincial calm that attracts who wants to run away from the racket of the great cities. This results in a potential source of income for the local population that until then was unprovided of resources and economic sources. Through interviews carried through with inhabitants, she perceives yourself that the presence of the tourism is very well accepted in the city, therefore attracts investments and income, they on the part of the sales of artesanatos are or rent of inns.

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