Shamanism and healing from Mexico the best education of the shaman and Healer is his own ordeal. In the light – society it’s good to hear that show us how to be first again in the old ways of our Earth own suffering, then the others can resolve. Pascal has learned from many elders in Mexico, where he was appointed to the cosmic medicine man. He himself has opted for a life in fullness, humor and love, and thus marked by diseases, neurosis, depression and lasting replaced his previous life section suicidal thoughts. In this retreat, each Subscriber/donor is much time have to liberate his current soul path and to UN – cover, as well as a hoherfrequentiges cosmic consciousness to install every day to live his inner healer and shaman. P K’ Greub, Swiss and Mexican citizens, has studied economics at the University of Basel and played at various German theatres and stages. Manifested on 31 December 1999 a Dream, when he met the Mayan priest Don Lauro in Mexico that will change his life forever. In the year 2000 he returns to Mexico with 3 suitcases, 33 years old, to learn, to be dedicated to it inside and in the age-old wisdom.

He is the last Member”of the Grupo de creacion. “His multidisciplinary method of creative transformation for individuals and businesses, and his Transpersonal project Maya School of cosmic consciousness”, in 13 countries in Latin America, Europe and Asia taught, among other things at the Autonomous University of Chapingo. Pascal has developed a proprietary method, according to which anyone, without prior knowledge, can discover his inner healers and shamans and develop. Only an open heart and willingness to serve is required. This practical workshop covers the best exercises of the Maya School of cosmic consciousness and allows you, alone or with a partner to try out the learned each Subscriber/donor.