Basically, they are located in Central Russia, Urals. Some specialize only in certain sizes produced cups (often for coffee machines), others are trying to produce more species, but have only 1 -2 machines. There are also firms that import ready-made cups Europe (eg Poland, Italy, Finland, Germany, etc.), the United States, China, Korea and even Vietnam The range is also still not rich – a few basic sizes of plates, almost do not make the lunch-boxes. Cups are size at 100 grams (6 – 6.5 ounces for the world classification) for coffee (including vending machines) for 200 grams (9 ounces) of tea, 300 grams (12 oz) for drinks in a relatively small quantities cups for popcorn and ice cream. Equipment for the production of paper cups comes mainly from several countries – the U.S., France and Germany, South Korea and China.

American complexes are oriented towards production of high-speed large quantity of production, usually from the roll of paper, so they are very expensive – from several hundred thousand to a million dollars. European cars are cheaper, very reliable, highly automated, have enough speed, but Yet the cost is very high – several hundred thousand dollars. Very reliable, practical (nothing more) machines from South Korea. This country is, in fact, a trendsetter in this direction. And the price is significantly lower – about 30 – 50 000 dollars. Chinese there are different machines – made by licensees (or jointly) with South Korea is good and the main advantage – price: about 15 – 30 thousand dollars (FOB sender), which allows very fast recoup investments.