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United States

Basically, they are located in Central Russia, Urals. Some specialize only in certain sizes produced cups (often for coffee machines), others are trying to produce more species, but have only 1 -2 machines. There are also firms that import ready-made cups Europe (eg Poland, Italy, Finland, Germany, etc.), the United States, China, Korea and even Vietnam The range is also still not rich – a few basic sizes of plates, almost do not make the lunch-boxes. Cups are size at 100 grams (6 – 6.5 ounces for the world classification) for coffee (including vending machines) for 200 grams (9 ounces) of tea, 300 grams (12 oz) for drinks in a relatively small quantities cups for popcorn and ice cream. Equipment for the production of paper cups comes mainly from several countries – the U.S., France and Germany, South Korea and China.

American complexes are oriented towards production of high-speed large quantity of production, usually from the roll of paper, so they are very expensive – from several hundred thousand to a million dollars. European cars are cheaper, very reliable, highly automated, have enough speed, but Yet the cost is very high – several hundred thousand dollars. Very reliable, practical (nothing more) machines from South Korea. This country is, in fact, a trendsetter in this direction. And the price is significantly lower – about 30 – 50 000 dollars. Chinese there are different machines – made by licensees (or jointly) with South Korea is good and the main advantage – price: about 15 – 30 thousand dollars (FOB sender), which allows very fast recoup investments.

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Agency Options

It is important to know that the majority of your ad pluck the first day, so posting it is desirable to repeat a few days. Hostels and hotels are often in student dormitories, and other one – two floors of commercial premises such as hotels. For the price of this option would be great, but here get a coveted place is quite problematic. The first step is to gain the confidence of those who are directly involved in resettlement and to promise him any compensation for their work. Costs are minimal And the result will be worth it. What about hotels, I can only say that this option should be considered in the end, when other options failed. Hotels are divided into several classes of comfort, Depending on the services provided. For a long time, this option can not recommend for a few days – well, until you look for other options.

Agency If you decide to apply to the agency, then choose the largest of them, which has a normal office and several phones. Agency offers two options 1) Pay-population 2) Provision of information to the first item involved leaving you and the agent on the desired apartment. At the same time the apartment owners do not. If you like the house, then you pay the agent a certain amount of money and sign a contract. Often, agencies charge a fee for this show, even if nothing is chosen. Be sure to ask them that, for exactly what you will pay and in any case.

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