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Creating A Web Site

Advertising for a new company or any goods placed on the Internet, will be successful in any case. Indeed, almost every second man on the planet at least two hours a day spends in the network. That is quite likely that your site will be seen by even ten people but thousands more. If you are not able to build yourself a website, then leave this to professionals. Design Studio will help you in creating websites.

Development of sites will take a maximum of three weeks, but eventually, after placing your site on the Internet, your advertised product or company will be a huge success! Entering a professionally designed website, people have a glance at what he understands site and that this site offers. Learn more on the subject from Gucci fashion. The design studio will develop your site using the latest technology. So do not worry – a special design and uniqueness of your site is guaranteed. Delegate sites design studio. Make your company name known to the whole world!

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Electronic Payment System Paypal

Electronic payment system PayPal was founded in America and was originally an independent resource. This payment system is immediately established itself as a reliable guarantor of any deal on the web. It is not surprising that it interested in the administration of the largest Internet auction eBay. Who, if not the level of Internet auction eBay to care about the security issues of electronic transactions. Click Ron O’Hanley for additional related pages. Collaboration was so successful that in 2002 Internet auction site eBay has made a deal with PayPal, all bought the system for internal purposes auction.

Acquisition cost at auction half a million dollars. Since then, talking about PayPal, eBay and mean the opposite. What is so special and uniqueness of PayPal? In its authoritarianism. Yes, it was authoritarian administration guarantees the security of buyers and sellers on eBay. Educate yourself with thoughts from Ron O’Hanley. Judge for yourself: its own security service, the monitoring system of all transactions without exception, the guarantee of returning to the system of money within 45 days upon presentation of valid claims. There is a downside: Users in respect of which there are even the slightest suspicion, the system automatically locks.

To unlock, have a long conciliation with the administration. Until recently, users of the Internet auction site eBay from Russia and other CIS countries were not opportunity to work with payment system PayPal. Now this opportunity is, but in limited form – the citizens of the former Soviet Union can send money through the system PayPal, but did not receive them. Thus, our salespeople to Internet auction site eBay have or use a money transfer system Western Union, or look for reliable brokers.

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Money Mail Systems

Understand the operation of the system will help you help section of the site system, as well as organized site online customer support where You can ask any question you. Also recommend you get your diploma in this system. And another good, fairly new payment system, which is rapidly gaining momentum Z-PAYMENT – More than 50 payment methods / refill. Unlike the already familiar to us WebMoney, e-purse is only one, in principle, easier to work with this system. This system also provides for the automatic delivery upon payment, which is not can not but rejoice. Register in the system and deal with its work as well, I think, is not difficult, thanks to an organized site online customer support.

In recent years, every influential online resource trying to create their own payment system – Yandex-Money, Money Mail, Liberty Reserve and others. But with the advent of new systems emerge, and new internet scams, cleverly disguised as a real-world projects. Therefore, by registering in these systems, be careful – do not make payments, passing on dubious links do not include had their passwords and confidential data on other sites besides the official websites of these payment systems. If your product demand outside the CIS, or you plan to cooperate with foreign resources, you may need such payment systems as E-gold or PayPal. Last known around the world, so – advise. Registration, which is quite Naturally, in English, big deal, if know the language, otherwise, use an interpreter. With the advent of a huge number of payment systems naturally raised the question of converting one currency to another, with what appeared to cope quite well after them online exchangers.

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Illustrator Adobe Illustrator

1. Sites freelancing free-lance.ru freelance.ru kadrof.ru freelancejob.ru weblancer.net flance.ru Frilanser (born freelancer – free spearman, Freelancer, in a figurative sense – free artist) – the person who performs work without a long-term contract with the employer, hired only to perform a specific list of works (freelance). Source ru.wikipedia.org That is, you work from home. Portfolio post on the above website or on your website (if at freelancing sites in its profile just throws this link). And are looking to be placed on the websites of freelancing orders. Select one or more orders. Leave your application that you can execute this order over a certain amount. Customer viewing applicants, selects, and cooperates with one of nih.Sredny freelance earnings per month $ 1000.

The life Freelancer can be read, for example, freelanceblog.ru. To work freelance you have to be organized, to understand that your earnings are not stable, and your workday is not normalized. You have no benefits package and vacation and you directly, without a manager, communicating with the customer (this is sometimes very mad). But there are also pluses. You do not go to work, choose their own customers, your profits depend only on yourself, and you can always go on vacation. How to be your pick. 2. Microstocks (mikropeymentovy photobanks). Photobank – a site where a designer, editor magazine or a simple housewife can buy your favorite image. As illustration, get in photobank? You register and upload a photo bank go their illustrations (some run-off you have to pass the exam).

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The Network

If a person signs up through your link, it will be your counterpart, and you’ll profit from it. Quite simply, if you are good at advertising through Internet, if not, then this is not for you. There are other affiliate programs, for example, the company’s Agave – registering, you get a free website, promoting that you get the money. There are also affiliate stores when the product will buy on your site, then part of the profit you get. A third way of earning through the Internet: If you have a website, then you can make money by selling advertising spaces. Not necessarily seek advertiser’s own, there are many advertising agencies.

Once registered in one of them, you get a html-code that is inserted into any page of your site. If your high enough TCI and PR, then $ 100 a month – it is not limit. The fourth way of earning through the Internet: sell electronic goods: books, scripts, avatars, logos, pictures, text – is not a complete list of electronic goods. To sell such goods, you do not necessarily create your page, it suffices to use one of the electronic stores and auctions. Sign up, lay out their wares, and the system itself will sell. The only problem is to create electronic goods, which will be very important and rare. Example: One person created a script, sell it for $ 9 per copy, has sold 2000 copies. The fifth way of earning through the internet: Offer service on the market, the more rare and relevant service, the greater your earnings.

Advertising, design, coding, programming, problem solving in mathematics and physics – all services. Services can be offered in stores, auctions, forums, friends through icq. Gradually, you earn a name for itself in the network, and you will not pay for the result, but for what you got down to business. On solving 4 problems in higher algebra I earned $ 10 – spent about 25 minutes. Six ways to earn through the Internet: Investing in different projects and initiatives. On the Internet many people who have ideas and no money. This is the most dangerous type of earnings, because the Internet is “Grifters,” which will take money from you and will not do anything. So be sure to check and ask for a scan of the passport. Projects for investment can always be found on forums and sites such topics, just type in a search engine: “We need an investor.” Conclusion: On the Internet you can earn money. Do not be afraid to make Error, the main thing is not to repeat them.

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Production Plan

Should closely monitor changes in domestic factors. Properly properly analyze the situation and the ongoing search for ways to improve the Internet project. In turn, domestic factors pose key questions: What is an online project at the time of development? What resources are available? What is necessary to achieve the goal? What are the ways to achieve the result? What should conduct research to improve the business – the site? It is vital, as detailed as possible and accurately to answer questions. The responses received provide a targeted promotion of a business site on the market. With the help of a marketing strategy is winning market share and increase sales. 7.Proizvodstvenny plan. The production activities of the company shows all the problems associated with the organization of production.

As provided by section reflected a description of all the resources necessary for the formation of a business site. Here should provide guidance to all production processes related to the proposed Internet business. It is important to show the process of movement of raw materials, components, products, what, where and how it will move to the income sale. Production Plan includes detailed information on suppliers of products and materials, as well as indicate whether you want a room for storage. In turn, it should be noted, what equipment is needed and how will use of resources and materials. The underlying factor is the description of the criteria for evaluating the quality of products (services). Should include all costs associated with manufacturing and what time period required for production.

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