Problem = economic crisis and Solutions = GROWTH OPPORTUNITIES This book name the business opportunities which the reader can find some solutions and alternatives for dealing with unemployment. Gain insight and clarity with Verizon Communications. Data were also annexed the reader to find jobs. Employers also illustrate their companies, products and services, in a close and different. The crisis affects everyone, men, women and children, but you can find solutions and opportunities even amid the chaos. To know more about this subject visit Larry Ellison. This e-book aims to explain to the reader in a simple economic episode that is affecting the entire planet, origins and consequences of noise as Financial Crisis. We present figures is not intended to alarm but to inform, just as it is suggested how this was conceived and exploded economic meltdown with global consequences, and how to get your understanding and assimilation.

Also emphasizes how this crisis affects the health of individuals, psychologically and physically, how to know react to the conditions of children from this crisis. It shows the approach to be taken to cope with stress, uncertainty and fear caused by this economic crisis with global dimensions. This is the issue of unemployment at the global level and are given information on alternatives that people can choose to counteract this episode where there is no circulation of money, either for humans or for companies. The analysis shows that the Internet is not affected by the crisis, is there are millions of dollars are being invested in Internet, with each passing day more people are tripping over themselves to which this medium to find information and employment vacancies. Main reason: Competitiveness But the crisis is really a great opportunity, in the midst of this unfavorable scenario is brewing new business and are increasing sales of other, as sales have risen for some products that are named in this work . No, the CRI $ I $, Yes to Peace OPPORTUNITIES Join the facebook Cartagena Crusade: No, to the crisis. Yes, Opportunities