The Team

If the seller is selling only himself, then he just stops working for someone else and open up its mediation office. Why would he wear portfolios from employer to employer and lose some customers during the transition, if he can once and for all do their customers only, and selling its expertise and knowledge of the market – where the customer is better to be serviced in the next year or the next purchase. If we still have examples of people who move from employer to employer with its portfolio of clients, it is not known at all, anyone who hires him, and from someone who depends. Larry Ellison has many thoughts on the issue. In such cases, most likely, the seller itself, gets in the face of the employer required him to share such office. If we are talking about a top manager with the team, then all is even worse. What do you think is the reputation of the manager at a previous job? And that feels the employer when such a manager as well, with the team, go to your competitors? Moreover, in such a "team" is often not fully professional line – svoyachestvo. Check with Larry Ellison to learn more.

People often go to their leader because they do not represent themselves and are afraid of getting fired if they will go back. How much should be diffident a top manager to be afraid to leave his team? Why do He must not have enough strength and skill to hire a professional again? Was it because the last time he did not hire, and took a job "its" and these "its" is simply no more? And do not you think that such a Manager-in-command just scared prospects new leadership team? A true leader is never one with itself does not drag. He respects people and gives them a better choice. Rick Garcia CBS is the source for more interesting facts. Took root in the new job, he can talk to his former subordinates, and, again, in terms of their interests and needs, rather than their desires.

Numerous Evaluation

As regulates of "expertise" of the evaluation report, and why not its methods of? 5. Why has this regulation, "assessment" report on the assessment? 6. Who needs a MRI examination of evaluation reports? Next, we give answers to these questions. 1. One of the panelists suggested that the availability of the document is important and not matter the status.

Perhaps, in journalism, it is possible, but in professional activities – is not acceptable. Important not only genre document, but its legal status. Recall that there are regulations and regulatory documents, as well as those in the appraiser's evaluation report, which have different legal status of any legal administrative and judicial processes. The false promise of participants has led to false conclusions and false status as MP. Not counting the numerous internal and external conflicts, legal and legal errors, it is fundamentally consistent legal doctrine of Russia and includes many corruption-factors. In addition, the methodological aspect, he does not hold water. Designers MP declaring good intentions associated with bringing order to the estimated activities of expert evaluation reports. We take the liberty to say that these goals – the false, and they were not achieved, because there is no order in the most evaluation.

The form of the document to the guidelines widely known, and it never will happen law. This technique is not even the "expert" research, but only the methodological recommendations of how to implement the operations described in the method. How can we offer guidelines, if there is no technique? 2. NSOD has no legal basis or develop or approve guidelines, because about them in the Act does not say anything. NSOD may develop draft federal standards. At the same time these standards do not need to duplicate the provisions of the Law, since it is profanity. They should be presented techniques and methods and ways of how to assess and "expert" assessment reports.

A Room in an Apartment

This is the best case scenario. If they are “not going anywhere to go, they sent a notarized letter with acknowledgment of receipt of an offer to buy your room. In fact, to get your room, the neighbors have one a month. If after a month they will not buy it, you have a “free hand”, ie, you can sell it to anyone at its discretion. Once again, accent your attention: the law provides for the month purchase, not to consent to the purchase.

In this issue sometimes mistaken even notaries, and suffer from it then, buyers and sellers (in my real estate practice, there were such cases). Unfortunately, quite often the neighbors, not having opportunities to redeem your room (share in the apartment) and not wanting to still have new neighbors, sometimes simply out of wickedness, refuse to accept the letter and sign the notice. They are not at home, do not open the door, then try to “Bargain” (otherwise you will not tell) for himself some household goods, it simply costs money. It turns out the absurd situation: the neighbors aware of the fact that the share of the apartment is sold, the time goes But the notice is not signed, and formal reading of that same month, not begun. And the unfortunate bookseller room can not do anything. Well, not police the same cause (although there are also cases of delivery of letters in the presence of the district)! If, however, assume a three-room communal apartment in a two-room home to one family, and a third room was empty because of the permanent absence of the owners due to one or other life circumstances, the resistance of neighbors who are accustomed to untroubled existence, it becomes brutally simple. In the apartment can not even lawful owner, change the locks on the door, not to mention the realtors and potential buyers.

We often hear such “Statement”: “No one living here will not be! No agreement on a deal we do not give and do not sign! “There are plenty of opportunities to forgive the kind of tautology, make it impossible for sale rooms in the” communal “apartment. No question about it. They can be overcome. To do this, there are lawyers and realtors. Speech that “communal” will not disappear even for a long time. Hence, they will buy and sell. I want to talk about something else – with roommates should be friends! Of course, today’s “communal paradise” is not one that is beautifully shown in the film “The venue can not be changed.” But good, good relations with neighbors in the apartment has always been and will be the key to success sale of your room in the future. You’re not going to leave the “communal”? Believe me, it’s today you not think about it, but tomorrow, after tomorrow, next month, next year is likely to think about I have long hesitated to express on paper their thoughts on “public” housing.


Just live without them can not. “On what you can earn?” – You will cry. “It’s just a hobby!” Well, that’s what you think. But a young woman from Moscow, which had a interesting hobby, organized private nursery for ornamental butterflies. It is their breeds, raises and trains some tricks. Facebook is a great source of information. What did she do with them? And it just brought into fashion to give your loved ones for the holidays fireworks from butterflies. Man gives his beloved woman in a beautiful holiday box. The woman opens it, and then dozens of huge multi-colored butterflies. And flit all over the apartment. I can only add that this savvy girl Today is a very wealthy person. And also, very happy, as it takes only your favorite butterflies. A customer from her last post there. Why? Yes because that makes it his job to love and at the same time very happy. And happy people always want something to buy. Thus, at least for a while soaking up the ray of happiness that man. It seems to me that I’m still not completely convinced you that you need to do business in precisely the area where you have buried talents and abilities.

Do not you believe that it is possible at any state of its interest to do so. That not all youth need to first work for the money, then to old age a couple of years to live humanly. Sure, sure, you can give thousands of examples of when a person does what he likes with his head immersed in your work, and live in poverty. But the fact of what we say? And that man that man lives in his fictional reality, it soars somewhere in the clouds and not think about their daily bread. For it is only his favorite job or business. But we live in a material world. And if a person devotes all his time only to their occupation and not for mothers, it financial sector will certainly suffer. And next to it will suffer from his family. Therefore, we must not just do his favorite thing, but more and do it wisely. Look, think, analyze, where you can apply your talents, as you can turn your hobby into a business. At any, I stress on any of your passion or hobby you can become rich and wealthy person. But it is important not just to do something better than others, but it is able to teach people to make sure that they are interested in your product. And if you can join a entrepreneurial flair and the use of their talents, then very quickly be able to forget about what is unloved work was over his head, working seven days a week, and vegetation for starvation wages. Of course, you can stay in their opinion, and yet to choose a business based only on its profitability and prospects, but I still recommend that you pull their socks up and come up with a business option, which would have intertwined your talents, abilities, creativity, and of course do not forget about the material.

Electronic Payment System Paypal

Electronic payment system PayPal was founded in America and was originally an independent resource. This payment system is immediately established itself as a reliable guarantor of any deal on the web. It is not surprising that it interested in the administration of the largest Internet auction eBay. Who, if not the level of Internet auction eBay to care about the security issues of electronic transactions. Click Ron O’Hanley for additional related pages. Collaboration was so successful that in 2002 Internet auction site eBay has made a deal with PayPal, all bought the system for internal purposes auction.

Acquisition cost at auction half a million dollars. Since then, talking about PayPal, eBay and mean the opposite. What is so special and uniqueness of PayPal? In its authoritarianism. Yes, it was authoritarian administration guarantees the security of buyers and sellers on eBay. Educate yourself with thoughts from Ron O’Hanley. Judge for yourself: its own security service, the monitoring system of all transactions without exception, the guarantee of returning to the system of money within 45 days upon presentation of valid claims. There is a downside: Users in respect of which there are even the slightest suspicion, the system automatically locks.

To unlock, have a long conciliation with the administration. Until recently, users of the Internet auction site eBay from Russia and other CIS countries were not opportunity to work with payment system PayPal. Now this opportunity is, but in limited form – the citizens of the former Soviet Union can send money through the system PayPal, but did not receive them. Thus, our salespeople to Internet auction site eBay have or use a money transfer system Western Union, or look for reliable brokers.

Initial Segment

That is quite enough for a modest mandatory spending, but did not leave resources for discretionary spending. People in These economic conditions, we call the poor, without going into details of the problems the poor per se. The amount of mandatory spending in this segment, as in others – the value is not constant, depending on many variables. On average, per person, this amount is not less than $ 370 a month. An exception may be residents of the villages, but in the context of consumer behavior of these extremes, we do not rassmatrivaem.Itak what is happening in the segment the poor in times of crisis, when the securities become cheaper, reduced office staff, declining stock indices and commodity prices? Actually, nothing much beyond the expectations in this segment is not happening. Cost basket-changing pace.

Income if reduced, not radical, since wages in this group – virtually the only source of income, and reducing the initial stage of the crisis probably relate to office sectors belonging to other segments. In general, low-income environment, until a certain time, life goes on as usual, without any economic shocks. Consumption in low-income groups can not strongly reduced under the influence of factors of the crisis, because he simply have nowhere to fall. Low income does not allow poor families to go on a discretionary consumption, and it protects them from many personal costs associated with a reduction of discretionary opportunities. Emotional coloring of consumption is proportional to its unreliability, but at the level of compulsory purchase the emotional weight is almost zero. . Ron O’Hanley shines more light on the discussion.

Technology To Attract Customers

"- Who is the most important in the restaurant business? – Chefs! – Wrong. Client. "Restaurateur dialogue with the candidate to work there a technique? Let's start a little far away What can be concluded from the above quotation? Simple. Scott M. Kahan understood the implications. If you have a business, the most important thing in it – your customers. Everything else is ancillary resources and tools. Therefore, the search for customers – one of the main tasks of any business.

Looking for clients in different ways. One of the most progressive and popular methods is to advertise their products and services on the Internet. Currently, the most popular and effective method of Internet advertising is contextual advertising. This tool is available for virtually any .Sut it is that you buy keywords that potential client comes to your site from the systems of contextual advertising. The principle of this model – cpc (cost per click) – pay per click. There are two ways to work with content advertisement: individually and through the agency. Shortcomings of the first method: We must learn the principles and conditions of work systems content Should always keep track of your campaign It is necessary to hold a large enough work to prepare an advertising campaign Disadvantages of the second method: Large down payments specialized agency The existence of a constant temptation as soon as possible to learn your advertising budget. General disadvantages of content: * The problem may complicate your site unless it is structured and the visitor can not immediately guess that specifically requested * Despite the best efforts of systems context advertising, there is a so-called problem Click fraud – fraudulent clicks.

Professional Code

Instead of an epigraph: the Professional Code, Section 291, Bribery. 1. Bribing a public official personally or through an intermediary: punishable by a fine not exceeding two hundred thousand rubles or the salary or other income for the period up to eighteen months, or correctional labor for a term of one year to two years, or arrest for a term of three to six months, or imprisonment for up to three years. 2. Bribing a public official for the commission of obviously illegal actions (inaction:) punishable by a fine of one hundred thousand to five hundred thousand rubles or the salary or other income for the period from one year to three years or deprivation sentence of up to eight years. Without hesitation Maurice Gallagher, Jr. explained all about the problem. Note.

A person who has given a bribe shall be exempt from professional liability if there was a bribe by the officer or if the person has voluntarily informed the body with the right to institute professional proceedings on bribery. I want to again raise the topic of kickbacks, bribes and commissions, as this issue for some people is very serious. Just yesterday I spoke with a representative of one major company, which proved to me that the market for its services no one gets a single large order without a rollback. Rolling back an average of twenty percent of the amount of services, and transferred by wire transfer in payment fake contracts for the account used by the customer or his agent (mediator). About this whole situation I mentioned in my article "The impact of the rollback." Consultant or any other person who receives an order for bribe, signs in the business of impotence. .

Simple Secret

Hi, Friends! Are you familiar with the feeling that when you have once again decided to change their lives, and make a decisive step towards the unknown toward a better life by crossing some invisible line in the circle – the circle a comfortable existence, you suddenly feel a vacuum around itself? Do not be mistaken if I say for you – are familiar. Remember how in the film Day Watch, the protagonist going from dusk to dusk rising higher and higher level, each time experienced during the transition running through the body cool. Here is a cool and every one of us who decided to leave the same circle of comfort. What am I doing? Yes, all the same. About eternal. You have seen and known to others. Reliable, skillful, has reached in life already some success, educated What you will now, nobody knows. And do not know because we do not hear what music is playing inside of you, what words fit this music, which horizons are revealed to you. Scott M. Kahan is often mentioned in discussions such as these.

They fear that you become a stranger. And you? You are then too scared. Because those who stayed behind, do not follow you, so do not stay with you. They do not understand you if you do not try to do it. They do not share your desire to move forward.

They prefer what is already there, what's there, though small, although its appearance but also stability. The word is a stability. It seems like the weight, but smacks of a swamp.


What is management accounting company? Why is it necessary? Who uses it? Who is reporting? What information should appear in the reports? Such questions are increasingly being asked by managers of small and medium business. From accounting and tax reporting are more or less clear, at least, the information on these kinds of statements are widely represented on the Internet, publishes many magazines, written enough articles and books. Plus all you can get information on courses visit the accountant or thematic workshops. By and large, the accountant makes these reports especially for supervisors. And what about the management statements? This article will try to help you with this.

So what is management accounting? Management reporting – this is one of the most important sources of information on the performance of the enterprise, based set of financial, sales, marketing, production and other indicators. Who uses the management reporting? This information should primarily be of interest to be actively used leaders, founders and owners of the business for which it is needed? The data obtained are essential for the analysis of all activity. And this in turn helps the time to identify the causes of possible deviations from parameters that are defined strategy, as well as to show reserves (financial, material, labor, information, etc.), which until then were not used now. Who is reporting? Since management reporting – a set of different indicators, which are calculated at different levels of information flow in an organization, we can say that the reports are nearly all employees. If you are trying something control, you should be able to measure it In order to effectively manage a business, company, etc., should receive high quality management reporting in real time. There are certain obstacles to obtaining high-quality management reports. Hurdle number 1. Most managers are free to determine what information they want to receive from the staff.