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Technology To Attract Customers

"- Who is the most important in the restaurant business? – Chefs! – Wrong. Client. "Restaurateur dialogue with the candidate to work there a technique? Let's start a little far away What can be concluded from the above quotation? Simple. Scott M. Kahan understood the implications. If you have a business, the most important thing in it – your customers. Everything else is ancillary resources and tools. Therefore, the search for customers – one of the main tasks of any business.

Looking for clients in different ways. One of the most progressive and popular methods is to advertise their products and services on the Internet. Currently, the most popular and effective method of Internet advertising is contextual advertising. This tool is available for virtually any .Sut it is that you buy keywords that potential client comes to your site from the systems of contextual advertising. The principle of this model – cpc (cost per click) – pay per click. There are two ways to work with content advertisement: individually and through the agency. Shortcomings of the first method: We must learn the principles and conditions of work systems content Should always keep track of your campaign It is necessary to hold a large enough work to prepare an advertising campaign Disadvantages of the second method: Large down payments specialized agency The existence of a constant temptation as soon as possible to learn your advertising budget. General disadvantages of content: * The problem may complicate your site unless it is structured and the visitor can not immediately guess that specifically requested * Despite the best efforts of systems context advertising, there is a so-called problem Click fraud – fraudulent clicks.

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Professional Code

Instead of an epigraph: the Professional Code, Section 291, Bribery. 1. Bribing a public official personally or through an intermediary: punishable by a fine not exceeding two hundred thousand rubles or the salary or other income for the period up to eighteen months, or correctional labor for a term of one year to two years, or arrest for a term of three to six months, or imprisonment for up to three years. 2. Bribing a public official for the commission of obviously illegal actions (inaction:) punishable by a fine of one hundred thousand to five hundred thousand rubles or the salary or other income for the period from one year to three years or deprivation sentence of up to eight years. Without hesitation Maurice Gallagher, Jr. explained all about the problem. Note.

A person who has given a bribe shall be exempt from professional liability if there was a bribe by the officer or if the person has voluntarily informed the body with the right to institute professional proceedings on bribery. I want to again raise the topic of kickbacks, bribes and commissions, as this issue for some people is very serious. Just yesterday I spoke with a representative of one major company, which proved to me that the market for its services no one gets a single large order without a rollback. Rolling back an average of twenty percent of the amount of services, and transferred by wire transfer in payment fake contracts for the account used by the customer or his agent (mediator). About this whole situation I mentioned in my article "The impact of the rollback." Consultant or any other person who receives an order for bribe, signs in the business of impotence. .

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Simple Secret

Hi, Friends! Are you familiar with the feeling that when you have once again decided to change their lives, and make a decisive step towards the unknown toward a better life by crossing some invisible line in the circle – the circle a comfortable existence, you suddenly feel a vacuum around itself? Do not be mistaken if I say for you – are familiar. Remember how in the film Day Watch, the protagonist going from dusk to dusk rising higher and higher level, each time experienced during the transition running through the body cool. Here is a cool and every one of us who decided to leave the same circle of comfort. What am I doing? Yes, all the same. About eternal. You have seen and known to others. Reliable, skillful, has reached in life already some success, educated What you will now, nobody knows. And do not know because we do not hear what music is playing inside of you, what words fit this music, which horizons are revealed to you. Scott M. Kahan is often mentioned in discussions such as these.

They fear that you become a stranger. And you? You are then too scared. Because those who stayed behind, do not follow you, so do not stay with you. They do not understand you if you do not try to do it. They do not share your desire to move forward.

They prefer what is already there, what's there, though small, although its appearance but also stability. The word is a stability. It seems like the weight, but smacks of a swamp.

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What is management accounting company? Why is it necessary? Who uses it? Who is reporting? What information should appear in the reports? Such questions are increasingly being asked by managers of small and medium business. From accounting and tax reporting are more or less clear, at least, the information on these kinds of statements are widely represented on the Internet, publishes many magazines, written enough articles and books. Plus all you can get information on courses visit the accountant or thematic workshops. By and large, the accountant makes these reports especially for supervisors. And what about the management statements? This article will try to help you with this.

So what is management accounting? Management reporting – this is one of the most important sources of information on the performance of the enterprise, based set of financial, sales, marketing, production and other indicators. Who uses the management reporting? This information should primarily be of interest to be actively used leaders, founders and owners of the business for which it is needed? The data obtained are essential for the analysis of all activity. And this in turn helps the time to identify the causes of possible deviations from parameters that are defined strategy, as well as to show reserves (financial, material, labor, information, etc.), which until then were not used now. Who is reporting? Since management reporting – a set of different indicators, which are calculated at different levels of information flow in an organization, we can say that the reports are nearly all employees. If you are trying something control, you should be able to measure it In order to effectively manage a business, company, etc., should receive high quality management reporting in real time. There are certain obstacles to obtaining high-quality management reports. Hurdle number 1. Most managers are free to determine what information they want to receive from the staff.

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Accounting Innovation

Accountants are needed, but what is the difference of outsourcing and the accounting department in a corporation. Naturally in the handling of information and data. Department accountants know the workings of the company can make a much faster accountable for information management, but can not analyze it, as do companies escorts. This is the difference – by outsourcing your human resources department can learn from the experience and intelligence to explore the legal aspects of the mechanism accounting and expand their opportunities in your company. Confirmed by the Ministry of the Russian state money according to accountant-sky accounting 'Accounting for the chief means' PBU 6 / 97 gives accountants the latest discharge abilities in accounting for amortization of principal (OS). The state anticipates the 4 methods of determining the amount of depreciation according to the identity of the main targets: 1) straight 2) write-off of prices according to Product Size (Interior), 2 ways to accelerate write-offs rennogo 3) write-off of prices according to the amount of time required number of years of use, and 4) a way to diminish the remainder. Use 1 of the methods according to group similar objects the main means of movement is only in its proper time of application.

The term of the right of the object oriented organization of the principal means for making the object to the accounting. Determining the right time applying a principal means for its lack of technical criteria or not the establishment of a centralized routine is based on: the projected life of the object, in agreement with of the expected output or capacity for implementation; predictable physiological deterioration, depending on the mode of operation (the number of shifts), and the impact of natural criterion brutal environment, we planned system – polite all kinds of repairs, normative – legal and other restrictions on the use of this object, for example, the lease term ( 4.4., FL from 21.11.96 129 "On Accounting"). The selection of such other method of depreciation according to individual objects and groups to become the principal means, of course, will be located in areas of responsibility of managers and accountants major institutions who are obliged to take into account the likelihood and necessity use of such other method consistent with respect to specific objects in the main funds., individuality, technology and organization in manufacturing provided by the organization, the complexity of calculating depreciation by some other method, etc. The way a uniform (linear) write-off (straight-line method). According to the present method amortized cost is written off moderately object (shared) to move him to serve life like.

The method is based on the assumption, if the reward is dependent only on the length of service. The amount of depreciation computations for each period is calculated route crushing amor tiziruemoy price (starting price object minus its salvage value) by the number of periods of exploitation tion of the object. Depreciation rate is unchanged. For example, the initial cost of freight car 10 000 dollars., Its liquidation value at the end of a five-year term exploitation tion – $ 1,000. In this case, which takes place every year to be the reward of 20% of amortized cost price, or U.S. $ 1800., In coordination with the method tower straight write-off.

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Accounting Outsourcing

In recent years, without accounting does not do any one major firm, despite its size and type of activity. Chief Accountant has all the important information about the financial operations of the enterprise and state property. Today's Business characterized by its narrow focus. Most new entrepreneurs do not have a large staff of people, so each leader seeks to save money on accounting, often offering a meager salary for full working day. It is clear that a penny fee, you getting the relevant accountant, and should not be surprising then, that the financial statements at your company a mess. Benefit at this point quickly promotes the accounting services business, which is spending money on the most economical and reliable than the maintenance staff accountant. It has attractive advantages: 1) Professional support.

Continuous improvement of professional skills of their own employees is a primary goal of any totally outsourcing company. Such an accountant, are usually aware of any changes zakonadatelnoy base and regularly go on accounting conference. 2) Outsourcing of accounting requires management of both large and small projects. 3) turnover. When unexpected resignation of chief accountant, you should spend time on hiring new employee, who must prepare and possibly teach. When accounting outsourcing such difficulty at once excluded, accounting ceases incredibly mobile, and you no longer have to worry about similar incidents. 4) Easy to implement. Implement accounting support very easily. Think about that now do not need to throw money for the work place, the acquisition workstation and the necessary software software, as well as backup and content of all of this equipment in proper condition. Of course outsourcing is a good solution for business, it provides you with professional service and allows osovoboditsya all the problems, because All duties and responsibilities are passed on to accounting outsourcing company.

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Money Mail Systems

Understand the operation of the system will help you help section of the site system, as well as organized site online customer support where You can ask any question you. Also recommend you get your diploma in this system. And another good, fairly new payment system, which is rapidly gaining momentum Z-PAYMENT – More than 50 payment methods / refill. Unlike the already familiar to us WebMoney, e-purse is only one, in principle, easier to work with this system. This system also provides for the automatic delivery upon payment, which is not can not but rejoice. Register in the system and deal with its work as well, I think, is not difficult, thanks to an organized site online customer support.

In recent years, every influential online resource trying to create their own payment system – Yandex-Money, Money Mail, Liberty Reserve and others. But with the advent of new systems emerge, and new internet scams, cleverly disguised as a real-world projects. Therefore, by registering in these systems, be careful – do not make payments, passing on dubious links do not include had their passwords and confidential data on other sites besides the official websites of these payment systems. If your product demand outside the CIS, or you plan to cooperate with foreign resources, you may need such payment systems as E-gold or PayPal. Last known around the world, so – advise. Registration, which is quite Naturally, in English, big deal, if know the language, otherwise, use an interpreter. With the advent of a huge number of payment systems naturally raised the question of converting one currency to another, with what appeared to cope quite well after them online exchangers.

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Russian Choice

Today and in future we will consider a number psychological models, contributing to the lifestyle, preferences and behavioral patterns of consumers in the Russian retail market. Thus, we will make an attempt to illuminate the psychographic characteristics consumer behavior, influencing the choice. Today, most marketing experts agree with the conclusions of the obsolescence of traditional models of segmentation and their paucity of power identify effective market segments. An alternative to widely applicable earlier socio-demographic, cultural, value and other methods of segmentation is becoming , which we be discussed in a series of publications initiated this article. In the classical vision algorithm for consumer choice originates from the awareness of the needs, develops in the process of information retrieval and evaluation consumer algorithm in all its phases.

It is clear that psychology largely determines the structure of human needs: pragmatics, for example, do not accept jewelry and ascetics do not feel the need for sophisticated food. Further, during the search for innovators is almost no need information support, and conservatives are looking for maximum data. Also, psychology is largely directs the choice of alternatives within a single category of goods or services: a traveler chooses an extreme tour in the Amazon jungle, the other – The tour of European capitals. In most cases, this difference in preferences determine the psychological profiles of people. On stages of purchase, consumption, and estimates on the basis of consumption of psychological personality traits also have a considerable influence. The result of this effect are future intentions with respect to consumer goods, its loyalty, the vector of sensations of consumption, which he shared with others.

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Programmer Information

During the crisis, many leaders strive to reduce costs of the enterprise. One of the fundamental measures is to reduce staff. But as you know, not all categories of staff can be attributed to the so-called 'office plankton '. For example, a very important role in the management of electronic documents is a staff programmer or the appropriate IT department. Not for whom, it is no secret that the contents of the staff of specialists in the field 1C programming is very expensive. Given the fact that the account in your organization have long been shipped, we can safely say that the loading of these professionals have not been such as to the period when there was introduction of a software product of 1C.

From this it follows that to maintain in working order of your information system will be enough to cause third-party experts in the field setting 1C (programmers), for current challenges. And depending on the complexity of the problem will be sent to specialist qualifications. To date, there are many companies offering a wide range of services in maintenance of your information system. Options for cooperation can be negotiated and approved by the relevant treaty. For example, we can conclude the subscriber agreement, which you will register the number of hours per month should give you an expert to solve the problem with the configuration of 1C. Or you can call a specialist in on-demand 1C. For more interoperability company you trust services, may configure remote access to your information system.

Any of these options will be cheaper than a programmer on staff. Another advantage of this variant of interaction is that you do not have use the services of one company. You can spread the execution of various tasks among different companies. For example, networks, office equipment and system software deals with one company and accompaniment, updates, and advice on another program, 1C, or just an outside freelance programmer.

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Video Courses In Training Of Personnel

Apply video courses in corporate training staff were not so long ago. The first Russian video courses began to emerge in the late nineties. Today, video courses have already proved themselves as modern, dynamic and A convenient form of training. At the same time, the videos, as well as other training methods have their pros and cons. Pros educational opportunities videokursovNeogranichennye self-study and frequent repetition of material (as for individual lessons, and in a group).

Any employee may at any time to take a video course and to study the subject, watching an educational film, and following the proposed savings instruktsiyam.Sereznaya training budget: buying video course once, the company can train an unlimited number of sotrudnikov.Obuchenie can be done at your own pace, in a convenient location and comfortable vremya.Videokursy not allow Only full-time, but distance learning staff. In this way can be significantly reduced travel costs are reduced sotrudnikov.Suschestvenno qualifications for a coach or teacher: videokurs is a complete textbook. Conduct training with the help of man can not obladayuschity special training. Restrictions on training with videokursovVideokursy not take into account differences in training, education levels and individual needs of participants obucheniya.Passivnost participants learning. When viewing it is impossible to ask the teacher. It is possible, of course, to organize discussion of the material.

But it requires some management skills to think and organize gruppoy.Neobhodimo control system of knowledge. Otherwise, a very high probability of delays in the process of learning. A in the absence of external control training can "get down on the brakes." Despite its shortcomings, videos have already occupied an important position in corporate training. And, apparently, their use will expand.

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