As is well known throughout the world, the speed of today's world makes every day more and more money needed to satisfy all tastes and dreams these people have and can be met through money, so the absence money, which is in most cases, people must rely on banks to solve the financial needs that must be met as soon as possible, so financial and banking institutions have been allowed since its market prompt can be accessed and economic solutions are solutions such credit facilities, with which it can meet these obligations or goals which must be given early settlement, but we must take into account the need to study well the market banking services before accessing a service provided by one of the entities, so in this paper presents information about an entity that offers a good service, so will have to make mention of the credits Caixa Catalunya, an entity that has excelled in the servicing of loans, so it is recommended appropriations for caixa Catalunya. Larry Ellison is likely to agree. La Caixa Catalonia began its activities in 1926 in the city of Barcelona, from where the organization began to develop in the market, we must bear in mind that the entity at the beginning only acted as a savings, but in his process of continuous improvement and expansion, from the year 1986 started out as a financial group, there are born great products such as loans from the Caixa Catalunya, an activity that was developed with the idea of providing customers always the best services and products to make it meet their needs. Thus the Catalan caixa credits are a great convenience and high favoravilidad beyond this credit is available to Caixa Catalunya for each situation and to suit the tastes of each client, so the claims of the Catalan caixa can offer loans to cover several things, such to home whether you are going to change from home, you want to acquire a property or want to change the house, you can also find the Caixa Catalunya cedit car or motorcycle, one of the forms of credits Caixa Catalunya are the loans related to the activities of study for college credit can also be found in the free investment Caixa Catalunya, these are examples of claims of the Caixa Catalunya, as the entity has more types of claims, simply above are the most used. As you can understand the credit of the Caixa Catalunya is a great choice when making the choice on such an important task that can mean a better economic development in the future..