Polycarp, Archimandrite Caves. In connection with historical events, divided the people and the country could not get into this unique collection of Ilya of Murom city, the legendary warrior. The climax of this composition is a bust of St. Agapito Cave, a physician bezmezdnogo, known by many healing wonders of critically ill patients. The author of this unique work is a scientist, a modern forensic experts from Moscow, Sergey Nikitin – a man who, after almost a thousand years after the death of the saints, managed, through the scientific method of anthropological reconstruction of Mikhail Gerasimov, to recreate their true form. And now we can see these Saints as they were in life. Along with Sergei Nikitin over the relics of work There are many other scientists, conducting its own unique investigation. The results are stunning.

Studies have shown that near the relics of Agapito live plants accelerate their growth and become strong and healthy. Water is also change by acquiring medicinal properties. As it turned out, near the relics of reduced radioactivity. They have a strong bactericidal effect on air quality. It is believed that the cause of these unexplained phenomena near the relics have not yet studied the energy whose nature has not yet been explained by scientists, as well as its mysterious cycles, because on certain days of the mysterious Agapito Cave near field is magnified. Image and spiritual Agapito Cave feat for thousands of years continues to inspire new generations of people.

In ancient times, the image painted Agapito Cave Orthodox monks, on the basis of the canonical rules. They had their own idea about appearance of the Holy Icons worked tirelessly fasting and praying. These days, when it became known the true face of the Holy Lekar Kievan Rus, was a unique painting – a portrait of the artist Anastasia Agapito Cave New. Despite the fact that the painting is a work of art, many people have already pointed out on her own extraordinary influence and literally live view of the Agapito. Rumors about a unique masterpiece spread far beyond Ukraine. Surprisingly, even a copy of this painting in the form of photographs, postcards, calendars, do not lose this extraordinary impact forces at multiple replication. Obviously, with the image is transmitted and "something" hidden in the film that inexplicably takes an amazing phenomena. So many people have noted that expression in the photographs Agapito picture Anastasia New inexplicably changed, as if prejudice events, nature unknown to you man, gives a clue to solving complex life issues. Agapito look just penetrates into the most secret corners of the soul. Some say that he is a shrill, rigorous. Others argue that the view Agapito warm, kind, affectionate. But all agree that the sight of the Holy truly alive! Many people who have unexpectedly appeared Photo Agapito Cave paintings, note that their life begins to change Inland content. A vivid portrait of Agapito Cave miraculously helps them navigate in real-life situations, to cope with the difficulties to get answers to intimate questions. Even in such an unusual way Agapit unselfishly helping people, inspires them, provides a rare opportunity to listen to yourself. Obviously, all that is associated with an unusual saint Agapito Caves, has great spiritual power, filled with the great mystery of creation.