Thinking in the same way, is a reflection of the reality that we live. At least it should be, and is, except in certain mental illnesses. In them, the thought loses contact with reality. Not the case in a normal mind in which the thought and emotions respond to an objective situation. Thinking, as an expression of reality, can eventually arouse emotions. So to think that you’re being assaulted by an offender, you can experience anger or fear. If you think that you will be promoted in your employment, therefore a thrill of joy will wake up in you.

But being thought an expression of concrete and real facts, emotions are being determined in the first instance by the events. Your arguments are mere messengers of that reality and therefore are not thoughts to those who control your emotions; they are the facts. Moreover, not only is thought who reflects the reality that surrounds you. Also what you see, what you hear, what you feel in the flesh reflects it. Even many times they impose on what you think.

An example is when a person who travels by train knows that it is not in danger. But despite what he thinks, when passes over a very high bridge feel fear without that you can avoid it. It is good to think that nothing to fear there is. Depth of the vacuum that view is enough to overwhelmed. And yet many people empecinan are in control their emotions, forcing his thoughts. They think I’m not afraid, I’m calm, I’m fine when your life is full of things that scare. It would be more reasonable they strive to change the exterior reality. The one that can really affect them. Because its inner reality, what they feel, their emotions, they are nothing more than expressions of that. If something you create insecurity, don’t try to make you feel safer. Instead is actually being safer. If something makes you suffer, not strive in believing that all is well. Instead seeks the causes of your misery and delete them from the real world. That is the only way to achieve a true well-being.