But we all understand, we are talking about a region of Spain that some circumstance occurred in the last almost forty years, the implementation of our recent attempt to be Democrats, means an alteration of social and economic balance surpasses almost all limits of solidarity between Spanish and I’m not thinking about the economic agreement of that region. As an example we could mention three points: 1 Can not be giving public money to the families of the murderers, while even larger gaps exist in the families of the victims. 2 Can not be giving public money or make available certain public buildings to promote events where some murderers are extolled, while the victims and their families have not been exalted and have not only recognition but a help and support, I still remember that sentence that read something like: “something must be done.”

3 Can not make available to certain groups, information needed by murderers to commit their crimes or for them, can send their coercion, blackmail and threats … Perhaps because of this, some see clear the banning of certain groups, and say he’s right to exist (outlaw) while it is not the manner or way to prevent misuse of public money, plus you can get to safety information available to different government agencies that could provide more killings or more distortions to some Spanish. Perhaps because of this, there is talk of a “lesser evil” when we’re outlawing certain groups, in this attempt to establish a democracy in which some still believe. And even still, there are groups not in the dilemma of “now, if not now” most disappointing to see how they use public money and how the split between their supporters, but that is much more difficult to amend . Perhaps I differ from you on what it means to be Christian, because to my being a Christian is not only dialogue but also be fair and to a murder enforce the penalty, and as you know, ‘here’, ‘today’ and “now, to wipe out the murderers, not kill them, but hopefully lock them up and perhaps see as serving their sentences and make efforts to compensate victims. Although as Christians we are forgiven..