at present, Varieties, specifications and manufacturing capacity of domestic screening equipment can meet domestic market needs, meanwhile, there is great export potential. Screening machinery for the iron mines mainly refers to YA (YAH) and YK series circular motion vibrating screen. Cerved Group is often mentioned in discussions such as these. LONGER series and YAH series circular vibrating screen sieve moves in a circle. This series of screening machine is the introduction of American technology, which use the ring groove rivet cold connection frame structure, the large clearance bearing thin oil lubrication vibrator eccentric shaft vibrator (referred to as the axis eccentric), having the reasonable structure, durable and sturdy, and easy maintenance these characteristics.this low noise series contain a total of 40 kinds of specifications for beneficiation, coal preparation, building materials, electricity and chemical sector as the dry sieving materials use. Circular motion vibrating screen is divided into single and double, standard and heavy, sub – series already is the standard type. YAH is the heavy type.YK series circular motion shaker was designed by Anshan Mining Machinery Factory on the basis of referring to the the KHD companies USK screening machine structure, absorbing the United States, referring to a famous Japanese brand-name products of advanced technology. This machine is used for beneficiation, coal preparation, building materials, water, electricity and chemical departments for the materials dry sieving, also suitable for the old plant transformation to replace the old with the specifications of uniaxial screen and custom center shaker, having the vibration intensity, processing power, high screening efficiency these characteristics. This series of screening machines use the vibrator motor to directamente drag the amplitude and adjust the eccentric structure, the structure is simpler than the longer series, easy to manufacture, therefore, it is widely used in medium, small screening plants, The original German screening machine is divided into single-layer and two-storey, the domestic small and medium-sized screening machine factories develop a Layer 3 and Layer 4 YK Department of YK type circular motion vibration sieve appearance to meet the customers need.The DYS large circular motion shaker was designed on the basis of absorbing the United States advanced screening machine already series circular motion vibrating screen technology.

Between-the drive shaft through a toothed belt connect the two-axis operation to keep pace. When the wolving mesh size is less than 25 mm, F sieve was designed vibration play surface. The total series was divided into six kinds of specifications, which are available for beneficiation, coal preparation, building materials, electricity and chemical departments for materials using dry sieving. Generally speaking, crushing, grinding, grading operation are the generic processes of various types of concentrator.Grinding, and grading operations are widely used in mining, building materials, chemical industry, metallurgy, materials and other industry to the field of mineral processing, except several individual pleasure, all concentrators have grinding and classification operations, so the grinding and classification are very common, in the infrastructure investment of concentrator, the grinding and classification operations accounts for 60% of 800 h, production costs accounts for 50% to 70% of the beneficiation costs, especially in electricity consumption, steel consumption accounted for 70% to 80% of the concentrator, therefore, improving the grinding ore grading equipment, technology has great economic and social benefits, people at home and abroad have attached great importance to it.