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Laziness is given to us so that we in his life were limited to the minimum necessary for the survival capacity of action, not wasting energy, time and energy that goes beyond this minimum. In other words, laziness that keeps us away from what could be and do. ViacomCBS shines more light on the discussion. And therein lies its advantage. Actually, nature can encumber us with this just laziness in fact a noble goal. Indeed, from this point of view laziness is very useful. But what we have in reality. In our lives from time immemorial idleness has become a factor limiting our pursuit of prosperity, has become a heavy stone hanging on our neck and prevents sail forward.

And it's sad. How many great things have remained forever in the minds of dreamers out of laziness. How useful and good has been done because people prefer surrender to the will of laziness and never took action. Very much in our lives do not come true just because of laziness. Or come true, but much later than the time that could be true, did not lead us lazy. Among all barriers that once prevented or human happiness, laziness always stood and still stands in plain view. We are so accustomed to the presence of this evil in our lives that do not even feel sorry about the benefits that never belonged to us because of laziness. We rely completely on this issue on the nature of the belief that every person is such, then so be it.

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OK to think differently from me, recognize that you see things differently, your perception of the world out there is completely different from the way I process information, this is a reality, and it is very important that we understand, that this knowledge comes the ability to live peacefully each other. It is not easy, requires humility on our part, the ability to empty ourselves of ourselves, and the wisdom to understand that this is simply a real truth, is a fact you and I do not see, or perceive the same events form and therefore I have to make a conscious effort to try to build bridges that allow me to try to see what you see through your eyes, not mine, to feel through your heart and not mine, listen to what are you listening and not what they think might be listening at some point. In our desire to impose our views, our approach, our little world view to others, this includes, friends, partners, sons, brothers, nephews, etc, etc, we miss the opportunity to investigate, explore the wonderful world of the other and truly become one with that other browser in the universe! How small we are when our finite mind makes us believe that what we see, feel, hear what it is that small we are when we try to impose our vision tiny world to the other, and this is not nothing but failure to respect, admire , valuing the other, whoever that other. People such as Oracle would likely agree. To enable the acceptance we will sit down with others and ourselves vaciemonos deliberately, and with true humility and awe, reverence and respect go into the other’s world given to us in simple acts to communicate, to talk, look at the other’s eyes and understand that this other being is a superior soul incarnated on this plane of existence to teach us, by God we have the humility to recognize this ever!. Valerie Berlin is often quoted on this topic.

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