Today, the term integrated Internet marketing is nothing new. Virtually every manager who knows how to work a little on the Internet, understand that the submission of his company's global network is necessary As the Internet audience is growing exponentially. This applies not only to ordinary users (though they are the main consumers of the product), but the top management of companies, which use global web search for partners and customers. Why do we need a comprehensive Internet marketing? And why a comprehensive approach to promoting electronic resource company much more efficient than just search engine optimization or spam message boards. The most important advantage of integrated online marketing – an opportunity to attract to the site of a large number of high-quality targeted traffic, in other words, precisely those visitors who in the future will become your customers. Of course, you can receive targeted traffic and search engine promotion. This is so. But the quality of these visitors may not always be high, and coverage of all possible interested in your products or services to individuals rather narrow.

Since you can not provide the entire set of keywords that will be drawn into the search box. You can certainly take the high demands, but there is one very important moment. The higher the frequency of the query – so it is more common, and those below, as a rule, the quality of the audience. Percentage who came to this request for your product or service can vary from 20-60 depending on the industry. Comprehensive Internet marketing has a broad tools to work with exactly the right audience. For example, work on thematic areas: placement of releases and special offers of the company, the calculation of trade proposals, placing video on the product.

Working with electronic trading platforms, enabling products to implement the already existing target audience of this trading platform. Work in the forums, social networks – formation of expert groups on a product or service: allows to solve the problem of how to attract audience and create a positive image of the company. Working with mailing lists, questionnaires, buyers and consumers, online assistance services, social news services (the formation of the social image of the company) and much more. In addition, a comprehensive Internet marketing involves deep work with the company's website. Constant monitoring Services, updating information, psychological and social assessment of the resource in terms of its etc. Ie comprehensive online marketing allows us to solve one major problem – communication and feedback communications from consumers. As a general rule of effective selling – the ability to listen and right to "talk" with the buyer, an integrated Internet marketing can be fully realized this mechanism of "communication". Understanding the consumer, using the techniques of integrated online marketing, you greatly increase the chances of its successful existence in the online market for goods and services.