The fleets of car rental companies are reduced more and more by the aging of its units and the size of the cars that deliver; This helps to raise the prices on car rentals, but with a little planning in the search for a car rental agency you can keep costs down quickly. Here are some tips that are worth considering if you want to save on car rentals. Do you want to save? Search for a company of car rental that suits your needs. For starters, companies rent a car, even those that have multiple incomes of cars do not offer central reservation services. If, for example, you want to rent a car in a prestigious company, you have to visit the web sites of car rental companies, perhaps find one that another promotion that interests you. Some car rental companies have discount car rental firms produce some discounts for groups. All discounts must be weighed against the corporate rates offered by the company.

There is no discount channel or one consistent promotion to maintain best prices. When and where the difference is made No matter the discount site or booking, car rentals prices are extremely volatile, especially when it comes to basic components: time, day and location. To find the best price, program a day to do your research and you will be surprised of prices you will find. In general terms, car rental agencies, located right next to the airport area offer cheaper rates than car rental companies located at the airport. However, the cheaper alternative can be booked from one location in the city; This is due to the imposition of taxes established by the Government, charges and surcharges of the car rental companies. Say no to all insurances although the car rental company’s employees speak you wonders insurance of cars for cars rentals, just have to say one thing: No, thank you. Why? Because there is no need for them: they are safe garbage, whose policies are full of loopholes and, consequently, little clarity.

Not you own your own car? Ongoing civil liability coverage may be available as part of home insurance coverage. Another option is to check if an insurance company offers a non-proprietary policy. Some Premium versions of Visa, MasterCard or American Express cards offer coverage in case of collision. To speak with a card company credit, be sure to be specific with what covers. If your credit card provides primary coverage might have insurance of rental car you need. The small print in the car rental very well check the fine print of contracts of rent of cars. Some car rental companies take photographs of the cars before leaving the Agency, but you should also take them to avoid that being you accused of damage that the car did not bring in the moment in which you thing you took. Protect yourself. This will give you visual evidence against any false claim of damage.