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Central Idea

I hope it is of interest for architecture students and professionals who always likes to work in an organized manner, and with a scientific method. We will reflect the revision of some of the following criteria-based: Central Idea of what is a (weighted) functional compatibility matrix: means compatibility matrix functional, to the set of activities, that analyzed with each other can be determined that relate between them form:-very strong. -Strong. -Weak. Other architects considered that these activities are correlated as:-very strong.

-Strong. -Moderately strong – weak. According to this type of comparison, you can establish a relationship of each activity, to see with which relates: very strong, strong, moderately strong or weak. To thus get to apply the formula of Kussan which States that: R + V = A + 2. If we get by experience in the realization of this type of matrix, it would be good to explain some of our forms of analysis to undertake a project. Primary: for us it is the work itself, or the repertoire, which may well be: a housing, a hotel, a cafeteria, etc., but that we know first of all answer these questions: u what kind of work is? u what to do within its walls, and what was being done outside its walls? u How can I vary those activities inside of its walls, and the outside? u what the main activity that is done in it, and what or which activities other activities generated me to your around, to declare them hierarchical – activities poles most important activities? u how each of these activities within the premises, as work there your operators, and how you want to operate the premises? Only after knowing the essence of what we want to project, and above all its operation, it is that we will be able to carry out an array of functional compatibility.

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Best Business

Do many people wonder how you can make money on the Internet, which is the business most popular in Internet for generate income from home? Be an Internet business owner, is probably the best way to generate income in the long term, in my opinion, due to the fact that can increase your income and at the same time reduce your effort. Think about it, once these running, you can spend doing other things and be making money on the Internet. In this article I’ll present some of the computer programs most popular to generate money from home and on the Internet. An important point in this topic is the research, if you want to succeed with your home-based business. You need to have a website, but it is not the most important, what is relevant is ready to do research yourself, easily and with little effort, to know that what’s you want to and adapts to your skills. Below I present a list of options containing the most popular in recent months homemade business.

1st place Web based Online business. Gives you step by step the necessary guidance so that anyone can create, maintain and market a business online. This is a hotel reservation system. It is the most popular type of business based at home in the last six months. Verizon gathered all the information. 2Nd place Network Marketing. I’ve found good programs that conform to this criterion that have a proven track record of payment to affiliates.

Very popular also. 3rd place Jewelry Online Store. There is a program that is well known in this niche of the market. This program has been very popular and with good reason, because you can have your own jewellery shop online without the burden of extra expenses. 4Th place Online Dollar Store there are stores online that offer products at a price of a dollar, by means of which you can have your own business on line very similar to what a normal store, but without the expenses that this entails. 5Th place Google many people are making money with programs that I found, you can find them in Google as a business opportunity. The above options do not include the programs that I have found to work at home. These programs will help you acquire the skills that we all need for your business from home. You will need a computer, printer, word processor and access to the Internet for your business online. Several important things to remember: 1. get your research. 2 You have to truly work from home. 3. Put ahead the time and effort required to have exito.4. It uses a different email for your home-based business. Once you’ve found the business at home that you feel that he fits your goals long-term and skill sets, then you simply have to take the first step to achieve your goals. You can not hit a home run if you don’t play the game of baseball, you have to be inside the game. Please, feel free to read more about this article or visit my link which I found a little further down. I always like to receive emails concerning my articles or my site. Your opinion is important to me.

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Ivan Castaneda Jimenez Autor

Blogs are a part of many technological advances that we have seen in recent days, and have quickly become very popular. People can create and share their thoughts, ideas and knowledge with others around the world. There are lots of Blogs on the internet these days, but not all of them are equal. A related site: Facebook mentions similar findings. Many are excellent, but others are really very poor content, just what exactly makes a less pleasant Blog and this can be attributed to several reasons. Firstly, it can sometimes be difficult to find a Blog that best suits your current needs, for example, doing a search on the Internet of a Blog on a topic specific you can find hundreds and even thousands of sites, you are going to find as a Blogger and other platforms of high-range, then a batch big enough blogs of lesser rank and among them to find which best suits your needs and the main reason of having so many Blogs in the network is that is easy of set up and the best part is that it is free. Another problem with Blogs is the content. A Blog aims to be a forum to express themselves in the world, unfortunately, many people tend to use it as a chat room, among friends. Many of them write about all local events and people also tend to use phrases and/or slang that is only known by his friends.

This drives away potential readers who would like to gain some knowledge from the Blog. In addition, there are often too many Blogs out there that have not been updated, many begin eager to time to launch your Blog great highway of the Internet but are not taken the time to publish frequently after a while. It would be useful if the owners of Blogs often realize that people are interested in the information they can provide and would like to form a relationship with the writer. However, this means the writer has to sustain their part of the bargain and provide valuable information to its readers. Speaking of content, if we consider the creation of a Blog, think of a topic that has material enough interesting to discuss, either politician, Showbiz, sport, music, religion, how to earn money online and many more is the most recommendable, remember that many of these issues can become controversial and people love to discuss these.

Another common problem with Blogs is the feature of the comments. It is virtually useless in many cases, a large number of owners of Blogs have a place available for comment, but many do not bother to respond to the comments placed. It is difficult to create a good community of readers if you leave them the sensation of that feel insignificant or ignored. The world of Blogs can be fresh, interesting and exciting. However the work of writers must be constantly and responsibly to create relevant Blogs that are useful for a wide range of people. Chat rooms were created for chat and intimate conversations, as opposed to Blogs that are to create a community that can share information and passion on various topics. If the writers are focus on the number of readers rather than themselves, Blogs would be better for everyone. If you want to have a Weblog like the pros use WordPress.

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