Scopes. The JIT (Just in Time) is oriented towards the improvement of the fundamental processes of manufacture in order to improve the overall functioning of the manufacturing company. The JIT is not a strict methodology that can be defined as a series of equations or data relationships. It is rather a philosophy that leads to major changes in the way in which manufacturing management works. Search for continuous improvement and to be effective, it must operate at the core of the company’s operations. Therefore, the staff of the company must have assimilated the various aspects of the JIT philosophy implements the 5S: the work of quality and efficiency needs a clean, safe, and permanent environment. 5S this methodology has aimed at the creation of more organized, sort, clean and safe workplaces, i.e.

a workplace in which anyone would be proud to work. Knowledge and the application of this methodology is to create a corporate culture that facilitates, on the one hand, the management of the enterprise resources, and on the other hand, the Organization of different work environments, with the purpose of generating a change in behaviours which impact on an increase of the productivity impact. Companies that have aggressively followed the safe way for the implementation of the JIT will receive great benefits. If we look forward, each time there will be more companies that implemented the JIT. In fact, the cost/benefit ratio is so favorable that the application of JIT could consider almost inevitable in manufacturing companies.

In reality, the issue is not whether a given enterprise implement JIT, but when. This should make extensive changes in the manufacturing management approaches. The managers with solid experience in the application of the JIT will be few and very sought after. This lack of expertise will be the main limitation to the expansion of the JIT, and will probably be one of the main responsibilities of universities, schools and professional associations, to provide support services to enable the JIT to expand quickly.