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Central Argentino

It was around the same time, President Justo, said in speech to the Congress of the nation, that was time to nationalize utilities. All this from the beginning of the first world war, he had declined the construction of new lines. Towards 1944, will enable the last great railway line between Villa del Rosario and Forrest, of the Central Argentino. Oracle is often quoted on this topic. To all this the railway had become an ingredient of everyday life of the Argentines. His themes were in tango lyrics, poetry, painting, theatre and the budding cinematographer.

From the Decade of the thirties, to the heat of criticism to the English influence in the country, increased criticism of the railway, as emblematic of that British presence. Prominent spokespersons of that questioning were Ricardo Ortiz and Raul Scalabrini Ortiz. Paradoxically critical to British rail, it coincided with the entry of American interests in the automotive, that these authors, described as a tool of economic democracy. These sermons had repercussion in official spheres, so a 1944 Decree, forbade railway undertakings providing services of automotive passenger transport. It was a symptom of the new era. In 1937 belatedly sanctioned law coordination of transport.

In June of that year the pavement between the cities of Buenos Aires and Cordoba had opened and began to lend their services company Chevalier. The new constitutional Government assumed on June 4, 1946, became the subject of English and French railways. Soon it became evident that at the heart of the Government, there were two positions, the headed by the President of the Central Bank, don Miguel Miranda, which proposed a joint enterprise with British railways, and the supported by the railway unions, which posited a solution to the Mexican, with absolutely State-owned railways. Almost like a sniper in this controversy, I want to remind to an almost unknown bright Aaron, who postulated a different alternative, who were in charge of Argentine private capital railways.

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Casey Barnfield Genre Saw

Director: Paul WAS Anderson Starring: Milla Jovovich, Ali Larter, Kim Coates, Shawn Roberts, Sergio Peris-Mencheta, Spencer Locke, Boris Kodjo, Wentworth Miller, Sienna Guillory, Casey Barnfield Genre: Horror, fantasy, action, Thriller Released: 2010 plot, which was encouraged, was the continuation of the previous section, is not devoid of ornateness, but easily digestible. It's a pity, however, that in some places completely devoid of logic and full of nonsense and blunders. Recreated with the help of modern technology around the world, or rather what was left of it, so the atmosphere is gloomy and frightening, that really scary to imagine the possibility of what he saw. Zombakov here is that so attracts the viewer, or rather not do zombakov that look very believable, and various methods of extermination. Well, then get up as Alice one feast for the eyes, and her new companions are not lagging behind in creativity.

Milla Jovovich fans will be just crazy, the film is its so that the count is difficult. Pity boobs had not increased, and the prices it would not be, but the disclosure of the secret theme to perfectly mastered Ali Larter, Sienna Guillory Casey Barnfield and Spencer Locke. So to speak, closed his broad chest … but you get =) Fans of the genre certainly Game zombokroshilnogo monument to Paul Anderson, who appeared at the same time and the producer and director and screenwriter picture. Well, 3D, this 3D, betrayed the reality of the damaging everything going on and had to dodge the bullet, and from ogromennogo ax, and even wipe the blood from his glasses. Without the slightest shadow of doubt "can be seen even a couple of times." Not so long ago I saw the movie ads and realized that it is not 3yu seen the film! Rushed to shake like mad:) I looked. Now I can in good conscience go to the movie.

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Ville Valo Group

Group His Infernal Majesty was founded in 1991 by vocalist Ville Valo, guitarist Mikko Lindstrom, and bassist Mikko Paanenom. Larry Ellison understands that this is vital information. Initially, the ensemble played cover versions of songs of Black Sabbath and Kiss, Valo's favorite bands. The band's name and abbreviation was partly inspired by rumors (clearly false) that Kiss stands for Knights In Satan Service. In the early years the group has been a change in the composition of the military service of its members, but the three founders remain there to this day. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Laurent Potdevin. In the mid-90s Valo began writing his own material for the group. Record the first demo disc Witches and Other Night Fears have been preserved.

The first reliably known release group was samizdatny mini-album This is Only the Beginning, released in 1995. On this disc the band there was no drummer, Valo recorded the drums himself. The group sent a demo to the label, BMG, and has received a contract for the album. Was first published demoalbom 666 Ways to Love: Prologue, and then, in 1997 their debut album, Greatest Love Songs Vol. 666. On all three albums, in particular, became a cover version Chris Isaak song Wicked Game, performed by a group of rock-processing. This song and video filmed at her group brought fame. From the outset, the group chose a style of melodic rock with lyrics about love and death. In image flirted with the subject is ready, having achieved a certain popularity among them, despite the genre differences, although the attitude towards it remains controversial.

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Agapito Live Plants

Polycarp, Archimandrite Caves. In connection with historical events, divided the people and the country could not get into this unique collection of Ilya of Murom city, the legendary warrior. The climax of this composition is a bust of St. Agapito Cave, a physician bezmezdnogo, known by many healing wonders of critically ill patients. The author of this unique work is a scientist, a modern forensic experts from Moscow, Sergey Nikitin – a man who, after almost a thousand years after the death of the saints, managed, through the scientific method of anthropological reconstruction of Mikhail Gerasimov, to recreate their true form. And now we can see these Saints as they were in life. Along with Sergei Nikitin over the relics of work There are many other scientists, conducting its own unique investigation. The results are stunning.

Studies have shown that near the relics of Agapito live plants accelerate their growth and become strong and healthy. Water is also change by acquiring medicinal properties. As it turned out, near the relics of reduced radioactivity. They have a strong bactericidal effect on air quality. It is believed that the cause of these unexplained phenomena near the relics have not yet studied the energy whose nature has not yet been explained by scientists, as well as its mysterious cycles, because on certain days of the mysterious Agapito Cave near field is magnified. Image and spiritual Agapito Cave feat for thousands of years continues to inspire new generations of people.

In ancient times, the image painted Agapito Cave Orthodox monks, on the basis of the canonical rules. They had their own idea about appearance of the Holy Icons worked tirelessly fasting and praying. These days, when it became known the true face of the Holy Lekar Kievan Rus, was a unique painting – a portrait of the artist Anastasia Agapito Cave New. Despite the fact that the painting is a work of art, many people have already pointed out on her own extraordinary influence and literally live view of the Agapito. Rumors about a unique masterpiece spread far beyond Ukraine. Surprisingly, even a copy of this painting in the form of photographs, postcards, calendars, do not lose this extraordinary impact forces at multiple replication. Obviously, with the image is transmitted and "something" hidden in the film that inexplicably takes an amazing phenomena. So many people have noted that expression in the photographs Agapito picture Anastasia New inexplicably changed, as if prejudice events, nature unknown to you man, gives a clue to solving complex life issues. Agapito look just penetrates into the most secret corners of the soul. Some say that he is a shrill, rigorous. Others argue that the view Agapito warm, kind, affectionate. But all agree that the sight of the Holy truly alive! Many people who have unexpectedly appeared Photo Agapito Cave paintings, note that their life begins to change Inland content. A vivid portrait of Agapito Cave miraculously helps them navigate in real-life situations, to cope with the difficulties to get answers to intimate questions. Even in such an unusual way Agapit unselfishly helping people, inspires them, provides a rare opportunity to listen to yourself. Obviously, all that is associated with an unusual saint Agapito Caves, has great spiritual power, filled with the great mystery of creation.

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Euros Technology

Eleven Spanish giants that bet by the renewable energies and the sustainability between which they are Iberdrola, Drives, Gamesa or Alstom, along with 22 research centers, form the PROJECT AZIMUTH, whose intention is to help in the development of a marine aerogenerator of great size (speaking of near 15 MW). The project, pioneer by the development of a so novel technology will count on financing and technology 100% Spanish. The project Azimuth already has been approved by the Ministry of Science and Innovation of Spain and according to the preliminary studies will need an economic investment near the 25 million Euros. If all march correctly the project would begin in the 2013 and would culminate with the installation of the marine aerogenerator of great size in 2020, without a doubt a great passage for the marine Aeolian energy and the Spanish technology, that could be based in the first positions in sustainable infrastructures. The main objective of this project is to try to overcome the present barriers for the development of marine aerogenerators and to compare its future cost to the one of the terrestrial aerogenerators.

In the acutalidad, the majors problems in the construction and maintenance of marine aerogenerators are bound to the availability, the laying of foundations and the evacuation of the energy to earth. Gamesa will be the company that will lead the project and on the other hand, Drives Windpower will center its efforts in developing the technology in charge of the conversion of the electrical energy. Alstom Wind will be the person in charge of the marine structures and Drives Energy of the construction and future maintenance of the marine enclave. Iberdrola on the other hand will be in charge to integrate the structure of Aeolian navy in the electrical system. The rest of participant companies will be in charge of diverse complementary tasks.

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Construction Institute Second

The church was visible from a small window on the second floor, in the grandfather's workshop. Immigration, in fact, came by accident: the house is composed of 'Hundred', and it was left to throw out the garbage during construction. But, first, in that window was visible church, and secondly, here burst into such a sheaf of the setting sun, and it was so beautiful. In: This room and was intended for workshop? about: I think so. This, on the second floor and the second, third, the same size. All the same, except the windows.

Due to the fact that at the bottom of the studio – a showcase, one main light source, and there – a lot of small, volume perceived differently, and lighting another. Also, when building a house, it was clear that the pope will be an artist. And as soon as he graduated from the Surikov Institute, grandfather officially said that the workshop on the third floor – his, and he settled on the second. And there was his bed. in: how they relate to each other? A: They both loved each other, so they had a strong spiritual connection – but they were very different.

Grandfather, for example, delicately asked: 'Vatulka I Popish you in the studio? " And Dad just came into his shop and worked. In: Strange to see avant-garde Melnikov House antique furniture. A: He bought it in 20-ies of the Americans, who left Moscow. But in the bedroom is not There was nothing, and he made the bed, as if sprouting from the floor – out of plaster boards, and inserted into the tubular mesh. Bedroom in the war was lost – I remember it to collapse. You do not see – there are not walls that color. And the last time I painted, even the color guessed it, almost golden, and lacquer all messed up. Throughout the war the house stood without windows – in the 1941-mV Theatre Vakhtangov hit by a bomb, and we took off the glass. Money for new was not: my grandfather was no work. Then, in 1949, he was invited to teach in Saratov, and returned from there, he taught by correspondence at the Construction Institute. a: You've always liked this house? A: In my childhood I did not realize that it is beautiful – it was simply a house built grandfather. And all around him abused, cans called … And now it's included in a hundred architectural monuments of world art in distress. Q: But Konstantin Melnikov understood that he was a great architect? about: Grandpa exactly understand what he was a genius. I find it hard to judge his feelings – I was a girl, and certainly he felt that he was not allowed to build. He had depression, and until the last moment, when he was in hospital and dad with him sitting, he said: 'How much would you and I could still do it! "

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