Undertake is scary. Start any activity on their own account always has a high degree of risk that entrepreneurs have to be risky people, who know what they want, that they are not amilanan in adversity, that maybe this is the vision that, from the couch of our House, we have this caste that raises Empires from the garage of his house. But no, it does not, in any way. Do you perhaps never noticed a purpose that have taken him until the end? Anything would be worth, any example is useful. From a hobby until what is you can imagine.

Well, because that is what it is. You have an idea, take care of it, maintain it despite the adversities, fight for it clear that this will not ensure us success, is nonsense to delude itself, many times we will fail but that is not exactly important (though seems counterintuitive). Entrepreneurs who have come to succeed (at different scales of success) when they started did not have the slightest certainty that would do so. Southwest Airlines wanted to know more. Simply they had an idea that they wanted to carry out and that’s what mattered to them. Later would come the laurels but that is accessory to the process. Nobody fights for an idea that does not believe because I think that hypothetically may succeed.

So that there be a sort of super-humano, only need to believe in an idea and wanting to take it forward. Perhaps, at the end of the road, not arrive where we had proposed us but we must bear in mind that walk also is learned and that, as Antonio Machado, Walker said there is no way, you make the road by walking. Anyway, this does not mean that entrepreneurs have to be lonely people, who have to walk alone on this path are created by walking. At all, help is always positive and, in fact, there are companies that are dedicated to that, to help entrepreneurs move forward. These companies evaluate the idea, its possibilities and, with this in mind, help entrepreneurs develop business both economically as trying to best the weaknesses, improve the strong but before that we have to think about what we want to do, what business idea we have, and to thereafter, move forward. Not but as someone who has an idea and you want to carry it out, nothing like a super-humano less.