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Rome Trevi Fountain

One major attraction that has the city of Rome without doubt any is the Fontana di Trevi or trevi Fountain (Fontana di Trevi) if wondered that visit in Rome therefore this alternative was of the more striking. It is the larger of the city of Rome, Italy, Baroque fountain with a height of 25.9 and 19.8 meters wide and is located in the riorte of Trevi. Formerly it was customary to build a fountain at the aqueducts that brought water to the city and was thus in the year 1453 Pope Nicolas V, at the end of the repair of the Aqua Virgo aqueduct ordered the construction of a simple stack to architect Leon Battista Alberti. In year 1629 Pope Urban VIII, decided to make some changes but the project was truncated on the death of the Pope. During the Baroque period there were several competitions to redesign fountains and buildings and was in the year 1730 when the Pope Clement XII organized a contest and in which, although he lost, the work was entrusted to Salvi. More than 30 years went by until it was completed in 1762. Julie Sweet spoke with conviction. Salvi died in the year 1751 with his work half finished hiding his signature behind a sculpted vase. The Trevi fountain was finished in 1762 by Giuseppe Pannini.

The fountain was restored in year 1998, when closed-circuit pumps were installed, the stones were cleaned and placed oxidizers, a significant investment of the city for tourists who come from various hotels in Rome. There is a tradition about the Fontana di Trevi which says that to return to Rome, back to the source, throw a coin into the water; If the thrown coins are two, falls a Roman Linda and without are three will marry her in Rome. The figures of the scenography of the source are, left, abundance, health, right and in the center of Neptune that guides two marine horses with newts in his loins. Learn more on the subject from Adam Portnoy. The myth of the Trevi Fountain when tourists decide to travel to Rome because always there people in the Fontana throwing coins into the water and taking pictures? The myth, born with the film three coins in the fountain in 1954, says it Next:-If you throw a coin: return to Rome. -If you throw two currencies: you will find love with an attractive Italian (or Italian). -If you throw three coins: te casaras with the person who knew. To make this work it is recommended to toss the coin with the right hand over the left shoulder. A curious fact, approximately one million euros from the source are extracted every year.

Since 2007 this money is used for charitable purposes. This source of Baroque style, is undoubtedly the best known and famous between the Romans and the tourists who made purchases in Rome or visit Rome, has nearly four centuries of life and today is one of the Roman monuments preferred by tourists. You can get to the Fontana di Trevi with line A of the Rome metro and get off at Barberini.

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Forest Reserve

Ps. Fernando Alexis Jimnez The trees began to fall as the sound of the power saws increased in the forests of Cauchera, the Brazilian town in which Small Mndez freed one aggravated battle to avoid that the construction of a highway, and the indiscriminate cutting, would take to an ecological catastrophe of unpredictable consequences. It was born and it grew in a humble family, in whom soon the absence of a mother felt. In the adolescence it learned to read and since then, in the measurement that the books took to him to fly in the wings of the imagination, it caressed the dream of which a day – by distant that appeared in the horizon they got to be free from the oppression of those who bought the latex to the price which they wanted, they put under and them the misery and the hopelessness. From an excellent position in the union of rural workers, organization at whom arrived by a blow of the destiny, it denounced the ecological attack that they tried to perpetrate who burned great extensions of forests to take step to a freeway and, of step, to erect on its enormous margins winning cattle ranches. They wanted to assassinate the nature. Serious the last straw of that town and also, puntillazo final to the unique activity of which per years economic resources had won. It carried out nonviolent manifestations, convinced that the dialogue is the unique way to solve the conflicts.

It was jailed, tortured, pressed psychological and cornered so that it left his dreams. Nevertheless it did not do it. Thanks to their tenacity the civil works were prevented and an ample territory was designated by the government of Brazil like the first Forest Reserve of Amazonia. Mndez boy paid with his life the price to defend the Earth for people Principles to win The history of this leader, one of greatest of suramrica, is signed by three elements: first, the fidelity to its goals and dreams; the second, an irrevocable faith in God and the conviction of which the violence does not bring anything new; and third party, the condition of visionary who allowed to also think him about his life but about the one of the others, and much that meant the amazonian forest for the continent and the planet. Its decision of not responding with aggressive facts before multiple provocations, causes that when medidar in its fight necessarily we remember the Biblical principle raised by Mr.

Jesus: Fortunate the bellwethers, because they will receive the Earth by you inherit. Fortunate those that are hungry and thirst of justice, because they will be satiated. (Mateo 5:6, 7). You also can establish the bases for a change in the world that surrounds to him. He does not matter how great seem his dreams. He will be able to obtain them with the help of God. He never forgets that who does not dream, never he arrives at no side.

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