Today many regional furniture companies faced increase deadlines orders firms importers. This can explain that during crisis importers significantly reduced their stocks. In therefore regional furniture company accounts wait importer deploy multiple orders from different clients factory (to advantageous was carry) wait cheap Deals transport company and finally delivers the goods to Moscow. In this arrangement, since placing the order on the regional client until the furniture is 4-6 months. Can I somehow fix the situation for the better? Answer: Undoubtedly.

Case that today many regional furniture companies may handle most Italian manufacturers furniture and interior directly. How? Consider on example Italian furniture group Tarocco-Vaccari, which includes such plants as Sergio Tarocco, Giovanni Vaccari, Mobilsedia and Italexport. At the moment, virtually every company from the majority of Russian regions can cooperate with these factories directly, bypassing importers. In some regions, for certain collections of furniture from a group of producers are exclusive distributors. But since, the range of products is vast, the list dealers exists for all. Moreover not arise situation when sellers furniture be involved in price wars together. Technically question cooperation solved easily: regional dealer allocates order at Moscow Representation group Tarocco-Vaccari, makes prepayment to expense Russian organization and waits in Italy will manufactured his furniture; before cargo shipment warehouse factories dealer translates second tranche and, upon parish goods in Moscow, pays for shipping and customs services.

At the same time from Moscow, you can take is completely legal Clearing goods, the supplier which will be the domestic entity. In this scheme, regional furniture company not have overpay company importer but most importantly delivery terms furniture End consumer significantly shrink. So, deadline ordering when working directly specified factories will average 8-9 weeks since order placement until receipt on Moscow stock. There whether minuses y given scheme? Say honestly-small but present. Case that at given form cooperation economically expedient are orders having volume 0.5 cubic meter. Otherwise specific component customs transport payments will fairly high. But hasten soothe-for such product, as Italian furniture, the specified amount is simply ridiculous. So hurry, because it may turn out that your city is not you and your rival will be the first to take a decision to cooperate by choosing to work most interesting position.