Plastic profiles, as well as slopes and sills must be periodically cleaned and wiped, and here The main requirement for detergent – "do no harm!". Plastic profiles are very sensitive to chemicals, so sterdstva better choice especially for the care of the windows. And plastic, or contain an indication that You can also use plastic products. To date, the choice of means is enormous, both for the glass with a spray. And now we'll tell you about what we do not usually pay much attention will focus on the seals and fittings. Fittings of plastic windows – this is, that allows you to open and close windows, closing, window locks on all perimeter that is not important! All this is controlled by one handle to a window or door. Accessories need to be cleaned from dust and dirt that accumulates over time and once a year to produce grease fittings, it is best to use a bottle with a nozzle, watering can or drip. Various manufacturers of plastic windows, packed differently.

With the help of leechek can correctly place the oil in the mechanism, and not fluff. Seals, are used to seal windows and insulation. And yavl. Mainly elmentom Warm window. With modern metal-plastic windows you can safely go back in time foam, tape, and the annual gluing windows! In order to avoid drafts in the house to care for the seal. For a start look around the entire perimeter of the window frame, for a perfect seal, because any object that fell between the window and frame, could damage the seal.

In this case we will replace the seal. Wipe clean with a sealant should be dry, soft cloth or slightly dampened with water or detergent medium (fits a means by which purified profile itself). In order to seal does not deteriorate over time (due to weather, sunlight, temperature changes, or simply from old age), it is periodically necessary to handle special composition, which include silicones, polymers and surfactants. To date, there is a great choice spets.sredstv care for metal-plastic windows. Which is better to choose accessories for windows? Hardware firms Maco, better than the others in the first place – – the quality of fittings is much higher than that of other manufacturers in the – second – more functional, there are more settings and adjustments, bolshii life, easier maintenance and care data conn accessories. Gary Kelly: the source for more info. The cost of plastic windows depends on the size of windows, accessories window – profile-fitting and stelopaket.